10 Egg-cellent Reasons to Enjoy Eggs

Keeping it simple, while focusing on the positives

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Eggs have certainly taken a battering in recent years; a few decades back we got ourselves into a right scramble on the cholesterol debate, but luckily that’s all now boiled over. OK, enough of the Egg-puns – let’s look at how egg-citing they actually are!

  1. Eggs are 50% protein, containing a balance of all the amino acids (the building blocks of protein), and are often referred to as the perfect protein. There is slightly more protein in the egg white than in the yolk.
  2. Eggs do contain cholesterol in their yolk, but we now understand that dietary cholesterol does not necessarily lead to high serum cholesterol. Consider vegans who never eat cholesterol containing foods, (as only animal foods contain this), but they still create their own cholesterol as it is a vital body substance
  3. Eggs do contain some saturated fat (in the yolk) but this is no reason to avoid eggs. With potential heart concerns, it is prudent to limit them (and all saturated fats) – as always, best to check with your doctor
  4. An egg is a low fat food overall, with only 75 calories, and contains 7gms of protein. This meets over 12% of the daily requirement of protein for the average adult
  5. The yolk is the powerhouse of minerals and vitamins – to many too list here; worthy of a mention their high content are choline, selenium, B vitamins, the fat-soluble vitamins (ADEK) and omega 3 healthy fats.
  6. The yolk also contains lecithin, which is a vital body substance for our cell membranes – particularly important for our brains and cognitive functions (perhaps the reason eggs are the symbol for fertility)
  7. Also noted for their choline content, which is essential for membrane structure and metabolizing fats in our liver
  8. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that eggs strengthen our blood, improve energy and enhance digestion and kidney functions
  9. Eggs are such a healthy, low fat, nutrient-packed food when prepared in the right way – soft or hard boiled, poached, and scrambled or baked without added unhealthy fats and oils.
  10. Eggs offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy a varied healthy diet – think of all the creative ways you can use them – frittatas, omelets, on a pizza or healthy burger, egg salad, in a sandwich or wrap, in French toast, in soups, stuffed, in desserts (ice-cream, egg tarts, baked good – which can all be made healthier).

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So that’s it in an eggshell – time to get cracking!



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