10 Ways to Celebrate International Cat’s Day

Hey Cat Lovers! August 8 is International Cat’s day, and Senja (yes, our boss) would like to share with you some fun & simple but meow-mazing ways to spend this day with your fur-ball friend (Cat naps included!). So without further meow-ning, let’s get it on!


The feeling of having an adorable feline friend welcoming you after a long day at work is simply calming. Plus their yawns, meows, stretches, and mood swings makes them more adorable.

This is a special day for them. Why not make them feel extra loved with these simple activities and celebrations to spend this International Cat’s day? (It’s good thing that Senja helped us in rounding up these activities.)

Fun activities to do this International Cat’s Day:

  1. Let’s Throw a Cat Party!
    Nothing is more special than having a cat party. Invite your cat’s friend and your friends as well and host a simple party. Be sure to prepare delicious foods and toys for the cats. This could go well with a fun activity such as hide & seek, tag & chase, a good sip of milk, and then munch on some cat snacks, but of course we have our own snack. Why not try a vegan snack with your friends?
  2. Teach High 5 & Shake hands
    Cats are fast learners, and teaching them high 5 or a simple shake hand can be a perfect bonding activity. But be sure to praise or encourage them with the things that they love. Maybe a cat nip or a sweet cuddle.
  3. Invent a fancy international name for your cat
    Celebrate this special day by calling your cats with a different name.  Look if they’ll respond. You can also do this with friends while having fun.
  4. Watch CatTV
    Join your cats in watching their all-time favourite aquarium show. If you don’t have one at home, you can watch a fish video using your smartphones.
  5. Sing together
    Cats are natural born singers, let’s exercise their vocal chords by singing with them. Make sure that they sing along. Meow, meow meow, meo-w!
  6. Cat walk
    A simple stroll at a park is very unwinding. Take your cat to a walk so that both of you can have a leg stretch and a breathe of fresh air. You can also invite some of your friends then let them play with their pets too.
  7. Ball pit
    No one is too old to enjoy ball pit. Make a Do-it-your-own ball pit for your cats, you just need a box and lots of colorful balls. If your box is big enough for you to fit in, then you can play with your furry friend inside. This also makes an instagrammable picture.
  8. Do yoga with your cat
    As we all know, cats love to stretch and do simple exercises. What you can do is place a yoga mat then do your favoruite yoga poses beside your cats. To enjoy it more, you can also mimic your cat poses. Just look at how they’ll respond to it.
  9. Adopt and help a cat
    The more, the merrier! Adopting a cat is also popular in Singapore as there are a lot of abandoned felines in the area. Good thing there is this Cat Cafe called Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa in Singapore that allows you to play with the cats while having a nice drink. Instead of buying their cats, they highly encourage all cat lovers to adopt one as there are increasing number of abandoned cats. So, this day is perfect to help those cats in need. What’s more awesome is that they also host Yoga with cats – Just Purr-fect!
  10. Take a nap
    Then, you can end a fun day with some Zzzz. Cuddle with your kitty first, then find a comfortable place to sleep with your kitty. You can do a few more stretches before you sleep.

With this, we feature an amazing photoshoot by Monika @monikaleopard on Instagram as she shows her yoga routine with her kitten. Ohh love those Pawanmukt Asana (Wind-releasing Pose).


How about you, how did you spend the International Cat’s day with your furry friend?




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