5 Dragon Yoga Poses you can do for the Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner. Just head to Bedok Reservoir, Kallang River or DBS Marina Regatta for all the fun and excitement. But no matter how hyper you are, some part of you, especially the hip, is going to be very sore if you find yourself sitting down for hours, either as spectators or participants. As we like to say, Dragon Boat Festival comes with Dragon Yoga poses. So what are you waiting for?

Pose 1: Baby Dragon

1 Baby Dragon 800x533
Come to a comfortable low lunge position. Make sure the forward knee is aligned directly above the forward ankle at 90 degrees. Wiggle the back leg until it’s fully extended. Place your hands on either side of the front leg. Hold it for a minute at first, but if possible, maintain the pose for the next 3-5 minutes as it will get more therapeutic the longer you can hold.

Pose 2: Dragon Flying High
2 Dragon Flying High 800x533

Keep your body at Baby Dragon and rest your hands on the forward thighs. Allow your weight to sink in your hip and hold. This pose will open your hip flexor intensely if you manage to maintain the pose for 3-5 minutes.

Pose 3: Dragon Flying Low
3 Dragon Flying Low 800x533

From Baby Dragon, lean forward and place your hands on the ground. Walk the arms away as best as you could. You can even rest your head on the forearms and sink your hips towards the earth.

Pose 4: Winged Dragon
4 Winged Dragon 800x533

For this pose, gently wing your front leg out a bit until you feel comfortable. Then, place your hands inside the front leg. You should find your hip and thigh are stretching on the same line.

Pose 5: Overstepping Dragon
5 Overstepping Dragon Pose 800x533

Starting in Baby Dragon, shift your weight to the front knee to the extent that you find the knee is about to lift off the ground. This pose will intensify your backhip flexor also strengthen the front ankle joint.

After all, Dragon Boat Festival should be a complete joy, no matter what role you will be. Follow our Dragon tips to get the most fun that you know you deserve.


Dragon Pose

Dragon Pose and Variations




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