5 Simple Ways To Train Your Stamina

It’s Singapore which means we’re busy: so busy that squeezing a form of exercise into our schedules might push us over our limits. We won’t notice it at first, but the initial signs of our lack of fitness will result in a gradual reduce in stamina. Going for long runs may have been a simple matter in our school days, but neglecting the importance of stamina in the working world can also lead to a tired mind. Sometimes we lose stamina while recovering from injuries or after a pregnancy: getting back on track by running or swimming laps is an amazing way to start, but there are alternatives. Here are five ways to train your stamina, possibly showing better results.

Jumping Knee Tucks

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The Jumping knee tuck (or as Singaporeans like to call it, tuck jumps) is an effective and simple way to lengthening your stamina . Moves that require large amounts of energy in a short span of time are “explosive”, which will train not only stamina, but build up dexterity and strength too. The pace of these exercises are up to different individuals, but we recommend between 5-6 sets of 30-50 repetitions. Instead of putting in hours at the gym, practice these high-energy moves that involve maximum lift off, and watch your stamina improve.

Interval Training


Running at a constant speed regularly is a common way to train, but there is a better route to solely work on stamina — interval training. Unknown to many, doing intervals a three to four times a week can boost your stamina and burn more calories than an hour of slogging it off on the treadmill or elliptical. A time efficient routine, a mere 15 minutes a day will bring about your desired changes.

Breathing Exercises 

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Not many know that breathing exercises can directly improve your lung stamina. An easy to so workout which just works as effective at home as it does in a studio. Doing this will not only boost stamina, but put you at ease after a long day at work.



Pilates are a new favourite all around and for good reason. At home, the only thing you’ll need is a laptop and a yoga mat. Doing a short pilate workout (found through Internet courses or youtube videos) before heading off to work in the morning will keep your metabolism running and in the long run, do amazing things for your stamina.



Many Singaporeans go to yoga for a dose of stress release, but yogis know that holding poses is harder than it looks — a practice that also relies on stamina. Practicing yoga moves regularly helps to strengthen muscles, boosting endurance while giving your body the ability to do even tougher workouts. People with time constraints need not go for copious numbers of weekly yoga classes. Spending only 20 minutes at home while working on long-lasting poses will get your stamina back into top shape.



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