6 Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse in Jakarta Delivered to You

Busy in Jakarta but looking for a cold-pressed juice cleanse? Here are six juice cleanse companies that deliver to you, whether at the office or the home.

So you have heard so much about all the good stuff that a juice cleanse does for your body and decided to get one. However, you do not know how to start, and where to order your cold-pressed juices from. Not to worry, here are six cold-pressed juice deliveries available in Jakarta to keep your body refreshed! All cleanses mentioned here are for three days unless otherwise stated, and are delivered to your address.

If you have a sweet tooth, the cold-pressed juices from Naked Press taste great without added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Using a highly-specialised juice extraction method, they whip up nutritious juice recipes that taste good and benefits the body. Cost: IDR880.000,00

Using ingredients from local organic farmers, the cold-pressed juice cleanses by Urban Remedy Indonesia are a handy option for urbanites, because of its full service. The packages come with tips and tricks that help you survive the juice cleanse and stay focused on adopting a healthier lifestyle, and everything is delivered to your preferred address. Cost: IDR1.500.000,00

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If you are looking for a juice cleanse that does not leave you feeling empty and hungry, opt for Nipka. Their green juices contain fibre from the vegetables used, and this will help you to feel full. Cost: IDR960.000,00

Raw, cold-pressed, vegan juices made with ingredients from their organic farm. This is the promise of Juice CLINIQUE’S. With some clever combinations, their juices still taste great without any added sugar. Cost: IR1.525.00,00

Despite not containing detoxification ingredients such as cayenne pepper, ginger or wheat grass, the cold-pressed juices from Re-Juve still do a really good job. This is also probably the best tasting cold-pressed that I’ve ever tried, as the combination of fruits and vegetables are mixed well in a good combination. Their juice cleanse lasts seven days, and besides delivery, juices can also be picked up from their stores around Jakarta.

Using a bladeless juicing process that generates minimum heat, the juices from Cold Press Indonesia promise to be filled with nutrition from the fruits and vegetables used. There are various juice cleanse packages, so you can choose that package that best suits your aim, whether it is for weight loss, weight maintenance, vitality, or even anti-ageing. Cost: IDR1.780.000,00



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