6 Easy & Effective Ways to Prevent Breakouts After Working Out in Jakarta

Whether you workout indoors or outdoors in Jakarta, you would like to keep your skin fresh and flawless. Here are our tips for ensuring that post workout breakouts will not happen.

We want to look good, so we work out, eat healthy, and ensure that our grooming is in place. However, despite our best efforts and intentions, we can sometimes be left with acne and pimple spots on our face, or uneven skin tone from sun exposure when working outdoors. So here are my quick and simple tips to minimise post-workout breakouts.

Bare Face Beauty

For some ladies, going out without makeup is like going out without any shoes on. The thing is, no matter how much we like having makeup on our face, it is bad for the skin when you workout—makeup can clog pores, and trap dirt, oil and bacteria. Without make up, your skin can breathe easily as perspiration come out of the pores and flush away the stuff inside your pores. This can help in reducing the number of blackheads and whiteheads. Before you workout, make sure to wash your skin clean to help this process.

Hair Care Dare

When you use hair products such as conditioner that is too oily, chances are that during your workout, they may leach out from your hair when you workout and travel down to your facial skin. They sit on the face, especially on the forehead, and that is how acne forms. You can either go easy on the hair product or wear a head sweatband to absorb perspiration from the head.

Hands Away

When you use equipment in a studio or gym, you need to understand that the same piece of equipment is also being used by many other people. Between use, you are not sure how often the studio or gym cleans the equipment. So imagine what are the bacteria, germs, and dirt that live on the equipment. When you touch them, it travels to your skin. So keep your hands off your face! If you perspire heavily, use a clean towel to wipe instead of your using your hands.

Young asian woman athlete wiping her towel in park city
Young asian woman athlete wiping her towel in park city

Get Clean, Immediately

The reason to do this is obvious. Your face and skin is covered in perspiration and dirt after a workout, and leaving all that on the skin for too long may cause clogged pores. So keep your face and body skin clean by having a shower as soon as you have completed your workout.

Oil Free, Please

We all understand the importance of moisturising the skin after a shower, but after a workout, never use anything that is too heavy for your skin. Your skin needs to breathe, so use an oil-free moisturiser, If your skin is dry, opt to shower with cold water instead and you can skip the moisturising also.

Sun Protection

Before you begin your outdoor workout, apply a thin coat of sunscreen to reduce the exposure to UV rays. If you worry about clogging your pores, wear a hat instead.

With these simple tips, you can quickly ensure that post workout breakouts are a thing of the past! What are your personal skincare tips? Share with us!



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