Athleisure: The Next Big Fashion Trend?

In the present age, the word “Athleisure” is definitely not foreign to us. Scroll down your feed on Pinterest and you’ll find it attached to pictures of It-Girls such as the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Athleisure simply refers to the trend of mixing street wear with athletic wear. In the new culture embracing yoga and healthy living, the world has seen an evident increase in people incorporating exercises into their daily routine: this could be the reason Athleisure has become widely accepted by the masses. By donning on Athleisure, one can wear yoga pants for multiple occasions without having to change, which means greater convenience (saves your bag space from gym clothes!).

Large companies have hopped onto the bandwagon as more mainstream fashion labels launch their take in the activewear line. From older labels like Cotton On BODY, to brands who recently latched onto the trend like H&M; we are presented with an array of opportunities to get our athlesiure game on — and it seems like this trend is here to stay. Here we’ve shortlisted a few mainstream fashion labels that will give us our athleisure fix.

Forever 21


Forever 21 is no amateur in fashion industry. It’s one of the top destinations girls visit to doll up their wardrobes. They have clothes for all ages and sizes. Launched in 2014, Forever 21’s active wear line carries a wide range of active wear from sports bras to sweatshirts. Just last month, Forever 21 took its active wear line to new heights by launching its first plus size active wear line with Ashley Graham. Whoever said sports bras were only restricted to those with hard toned abs, probably hasn’t been to Forever 21. Visit their website to view their full collection.



H&M joined the many fashion labels with their own take on activewear in July 2015, in which they launched their debut active wear collection — consisting of a variety of gym gear. Despite keeping their designs trendy and fashionable, their clothes are also designed to be functional. (Some designs have reflective patches for night running and are made out of quick-dry fabrics.) H&M caters not only to women but to men as well. They have men’s garments for different sporting activities such as Tennis, Running or Training. Visit their website to find out more!

Cotton On


This Australian brand is not new to the active wear industry. It was one of the first few fashion labels to launch an active wear line while healthy living was still on the rise Cotton ON Body was established in 2007 to cater to customers who wanted to buy more than just outerwear. Cotton On Body is also popular among teenagers, mainly for their well known affordable prices. They have a wide array of gym wear, from staples such as ¾ black yoga tights, to work out contour bras. Click here to view their full collection.



Zalora is often known as Asia’s Leading Online Fashion destination. With the rise of online shopping platforms in recent years, Zalora has managed to stand out among the rest largely due to the wide range of brands it carries, as well as its quick, punctual delivery and flexible refund policy. While Zalora carries other brands such as Nike and Reebok, it also launched its own active wear line in late 2015. From colourblock shorts to loose fit batwing tops, striking full length capris and mesh sports bras; Zalora offers all of these at an affordable price — compared to other brands like Nike. Check out their website to view their collection!



While it might not be a well known fact, Bershka launched its “Start Moving” collection in 2013 with an affordable price tag. Their latest collection features designs with mainly three colours – Black, Turquoise and Coral. While their collection ranges from sweatshirts to full length tights, their designs remain more minimalistic than anything else, to balance out the striking combination of turquoise and coral. Check out their collection here!



GAP launched their active wear line, “GAPBodyFit”, in late 2010. Aside from their wide range of designs and products, GAP’s designs are made with the athlete in mind: with breathable, lightweight knit material to keep one cool throughout one’s workout. In addition, their designs are unique yet stylish. If you want to avoid an awkward, “who wore it better” competition with someone in the gym, you may consider trying out GAP’s active wear to stand out from the rest. View their full collection here

While it seems like this trend is here to stay, hit up the stores mentioned above for your gym gear fix to keep yourselves up to date with this latest fashion phenomenon!



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