Adeline Lim

Adeline Lim is the founder of Nila aromatherapy bar. Growing up in a kampong, Adeline has fond memories of being surrounded by nature since she was young. As a mother, Adeline fell in love with the unique scents and natural healing properties of essential oils while sourcing for homeopathic remedies for her daughters who suffers from sinus problems and menstrual pains. The idea to start Nila formed when she realised the difficulty faced in purchasing high quality and natural essential oils in Singapore.

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Your Best Body with Nila Natural Oils

Oils give a sheen and golden gleam to the skin that cannot be achieved with any creams or lotion. We can achieve a beautiful body using various essential oils and good quality cold pressed base oils (instead of refined oils as these have been bleached and de-odourised by chemicals and are no longer pure!) …

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Nila’s Scent-sational way to Beautiful Skin!

Essential oils are one of nature’s best kept secrets. Valued for their wonderful cosmetics properties, they have been used extensively for thousands of years in aromatherapy and various traditional medicinal systems.   Nila is committed in bringing this ancient tradition to modern users. Essential Oils stimulate the cellular regeneration at a …

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Patriotic Oils to Get into the #SG50 Mood!

Singapore has come a long way from a sleepy island to where we are today. As someone who has witnessed its incredible growth, we have much to thank for. Moving forward, for Singapore to continue with our prosperity and success, we have to feel grounded. There are more than 90 …

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‘Essential’ Essential Oils for Your Home

At Nila, we strongly believe that essential oils are nature’s gift to mankind. Such is the importance of essential oils that every home should have a basic “essential oil kit”, used as natural disinfections, air purifiers and fresheners, prevention of disease and infection, relaxation, and treatment of minor ailments. What …

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