Aly Rauff

Aly is an active and fitness-loving yogi. She used to live a completely unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle until it changed about 3 years ago. Now she works out and does yoga regularly, is excited about anything that’s fitness related and has learned how to really live a happier, healthier life! She regularly blogs about her opinions and experiences (as well as her love for activewear) and shares her workouts and yoga on Instagram.


Do You Shop for a Smaller You?

Do you usually shop for a sexier-sized-clothes as your motivator to reduce weight and be fit? Here’s what Aly Rauff has to say with that good ol’ habit. Let’s learn from her and change the way we think in life.  “Buy it in a smaller size so it’ll fit after …

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4 Reasons Why You Need to Try a New Workout

Aly Rauff had shared with SOULSCAPE her secret to staying fit and healthy in Singapore. And now, she gives us a push as to why it is necessary to try a new workout every once in a while. Let’s see as she unravels her secret that we’ll surely make use …

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How to Get Quick Recovery from Sickness

As all yogis would experience mild to severe illness from time to time, yoga expert, Aly Rauff, shows her very own steps to quickly get rid of it. Like most of us, Aly hates being sick as it is such an inconvenience to her – mainly because she won’t be able …

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Find A Healthy Hobby

Want to fast-track on keeping a fit body? Fitness buff, Aly Rauff shares that the secret is to find a hobby that also keeps you healthy at the same time! In an ideal situation, you have a single hobby that can make you money, keep you healthy, and makes you …

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Simple, Daily Bed Workouts

By Guest Blogger – Aly Rauff Check out Aly’s Blog. Follow Aly on Instagram. It’s a new year, which means time for resolutions, a fresh start, and a sudden burst of motivation to achieve everything you want! Let me be the first to assume that something along the lines of …

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