Charlene Chua

Charlene Chua lives by the notion of healthy eating and exercising regularly — a brilliant formula to feeling great. Once a fast food junkie, she altered her lifestyle and would now easily choose a bowl of salad over McDonalds. Apart from running and doing yoga, she loves shopping and likes to read books/magazines. Her all time favourite book is “The Outsiders” by S.E Hinton, and aspires to write as well as her someday.

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7 Must-Have Hair Products for Lovely Healthy Hair

Say goodbye to hair and scalp problems with these natural, organic hair care products for use at home. Our hair is subjected to lots of stress from colouring, bleaching, perming, heat, and even factors beyond our control, like the environment. These damage our hair, leaving us with frizzy and brittle …

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5 Clutter Spots to Clear Out

Ever missed the bus just because you couldn’t find something at the last minute? It’s a sign to de-clutter! Clearing out clutter not only saves you time searching for something gone missing, but it also gives you more space to welcome other possibilities in your life. Listed below are 5 …

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5 Times You Are Excused from Working Out

It is okay to not work out every day, and there are certain times when you should give your body a rest. Here are five times that you most definitely should take a break from your daily fitness routine. Everyone knows that exercise has great benefits for your body. For …

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Stop, Drop & Yoga Now with 5 Apps

Easily schedule yoga stretches into your day with these apps, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert yogi. Too busy to attend yoga lessons but would still like to start stretching? We have technology to the rescue! In this tech-savvy era, almost every Singaporean has a smart …

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25 Trendy Lifestyle Items Every Fitness Fan Needs

The Great Singapore Sale is great for snagging lifestyle items that will delight any active and fit individual. You probably waited a few months for the Great Singapore Sale to begin, so that you can get the best deals on some items you have been eyeing. This is actually a …

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5 Weekly Beauty Rituals for Looking Young & Beautiful

These beauty rituals using easy to make, natural products will give your hair and skin some extra love and care, for continual to shine and youthful looks. As much as we try to keep ourselves healthy with a balanced nutrition and regular exercise regime, proper grooming also plays an important …

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Johor Straits Lighthouse

7 Insta-Worthy Places in Singapore You Should Know

Jazz up your Instagram and Facebook feeds with jaw-dropping yoga poses against stunningly amazing backdrops in Singapore. In this age where Instagram and Snapchat are dominating our social media lives, we find ourselves constantly looking for that unique ‘Insta-worthy’ photograph to beautify our feed and impress our followers. So are …

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5 Snacks Healthy Eaters Must Have When Travelling

Say goodbye to disrupting your healthy nutrition plan when you are travelling, by bringing along any of these five snacks. Everyone loves to travel, but that may come at the expense of our nutrition. It is great that most airlines, even budget ones, provide snacks. However, not every flight may …

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Know Your Pilates—4 Types of Classes in Singapore

Impress your family and friends with your knowledge of what the four types of Pilates classes are in Singapore. Mat work, reformer, clinical, post- and pre-natal Pilates, there is no need to try them out, just read our quick guide! Pilates has slowly been gaining prominence in Singapore and globally, …

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Yoga on the Go: 5 Easy Poses for Small Spaces

Have little room to move but still want to keep up with your yoga practice? Break out these five easy poses anywhere, from within a plane to a small room. Yoga is a practice that we can bring every with us, even when we are travelling long haul on a …

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