Sharan Kaur

Sharan Kaur Originally from Singapore but now based in the UK., Sharan has been empowering the lives of many people with her tarot readings since 2001. Sharan took an interest to tarot in her early twenties and was initiated into reading them by a Tibetan Rinpoche, who helped to guide her with strengthening her intuition. So what started off as hobby turned into something professional after years of practice and encouragement from her clients.

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Tarots By Sharan – Sharan Kaur On Her Tarot Readings

Search ‘tarot’ on Google, and you’ll find yourself in an endless list of free online tarot readings. Are they really reliable? Can they tell your future? We’re not sure, but one thing we do know, is that Sharan Kaur can. Read on to find out how she does it, and why …

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Your August Wellness Tarotscope Is Here

The last month of summer and it kick starts with everyone feeling like their exercise and diet regimes have paid off very nicely. Well done indeed! It is going to be a rather busy month as we try to check off that task list very diligently. An urgency to deliver …

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July 2015 Wellness Tarot Forecast

This month will be much quieter than the past few busy months. You have been trying to slow things down in the past months. But this month the job of slowing things down comes around effortlessly. As though it is much needed and it actually is. It is easy to …

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June 2015 Wellness Tarotscope by Sharan

Summer’s here and it’s time to make a fun list of things to do. It’s been a very taxing first half of the year and a well-deserved break to re-energize should be at the top of the list. Take this opportunity to declutter the mind as well. Analyse the discontent …

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May 2015 Wellness Tarotscope by Sharan

Practise structure and stick to a plan is the theme of the month. Work and financial stress may throw you off your balance at times and it will feel like a struggle to keep up. But this temporary turbulence doesn’t last very long. Balance is the key and the slow …

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April 2015 Tarot Readings by Sharan

This second month of spring will see a lunar eclipse taking place on the 5th of April. No need to set your alarm bells off but do make a note to give your Aries and Libra friends some space as they would be the first to be experiencing the effects …

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