Maiko Abe

Maikois a mom, wife and Singapore based Japanese freelance lifestyle writer and curator. After giving birth to her dearest daughter, she was collapsed mentally as well as physically because of too much work to do. Giving birth and raising child was nothing like what she had expected, even though she was very happy to hold her little treasure in her arms. Doing yoga and eating healthy balanced Japanese food help her get away from all the darkness and stay healthy and happy. She is a food enthusiast and loves baking healthy sweets and cooking not only Japanese food but also fusion cuisine. She is looking forwards to cook and bake with her daughter.

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The secret of longevity in Okinawa

Okinawa is the Ryukyu island between Kyushu and Taiwan and it is well known as one of the highest longevity prefecture in Japan. Their eating habit and lifestyle are very unique compared to other region in Japan. There are many over-100-year-old Uchinaanchu there (people who live in Okinawa in Okinawan …

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