Pauliina Salmenhaara

Pauliina Salmenhaara is a mindful chef specialising in raw, vegan foods. She hosts private dining events that combine mindful dining with meaningful conversations, and is regularly consulted for her viewpoints and tips on mindful, plant-based living. She is the author of the up-coming book “Six Sense Living, A Wholistic and Intuitive Guide to a Whole New You”; she uses the book’s theme to host retreats and workshops that stimulate lasting, soulful habits.

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How to Start An Action Plan For A Self-Care Healthy Habit

Your health is tied to the amount of self-care you put into yourself. Pauliina Salmenhaara shares how cultivating a self-care healthy habit benefits not only your life, but the lives of those around you. Self-care is something we often equate with being selfish – incorrectly so! In fact, I would …

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Clean Your Mind Chatter and be Free

We talk about clean and lean bodies, but what about clean and lean minds and spirits? Minds and spirits without excess baggage, stripped down to bare authenticity. Shut out the noise, all the chatter made up of excuses, blind spots, objective reasoning, the illogical appearing as the logical, and ask …

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30 Tips to Become Vegan Painlessly

Want to eliminate meat, poultry & animal products like eggs & dairy from your diet? Here’re 30 ways to help you become vegan. Being a vegan eater means not consuming meat, poultry, seafood, dairy or eggs. It’s socially and practically a big challenge to take up, and that’s why there’s …

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Pauliina Salmenhaara Balinese house blessing ceremony | SOULSCAPE Asia

The Secret of Turning Dreams into Reality

How do some people effortlessly turn dreams into reality? There are two simple tips that everyone should know of. Have you had a moment where you suddenly realise that something momentous has happened, something so big that you’ve to take a step back to actually get a better view of …

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Rice Ramen with Avocado

I do not recommend anyone to go fully raw, unless it is for specific medical reasons. So these gluten free noodles are perfect. This recipe was created by my 11-year-old daughter, Emi. We used Organic Jade Pearl Rice Ramen, and you can vary it with the darker Organic Forbidden Rice …

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3 Common Misconceptions About Juicing

It is funny, the tricks our mind plays on us when we really want something. Like losing weight overnight (gasp!). We eat for a week or two over the holidays and gain  some weight. Somewhere at the back of our minds we make ourselves feel better with the belief that …

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3 Easy Juices for Breakfast

How do you start your morning? As for me, I wake up – yawn, stretch and shower – before I head down to the kitchen with excitement and enjoy a lovely large mug of green juice. It really makes my morning a great one. Sipping on that green juice, a …

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