Smitha Naidu

Smitha is a Certified Laughter Yoga teacher and has been practicing Laughter Yoga since 2015. Smitha understands the stress an individual undergoes during their normal routine activities. Her company Magic Laughter promotes Laughter Yoga as a tool for Healthy and Happy Living in Singapore and India.

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A Cocktail of Mindfulness and Business

Do you feel rushed all the time? Is it a perception or a problem? Want to beat it. Enter mindfulness. Mindfulness is a practice which helps us to have a conscious intention of being present in every moment of our life. It is a simple way to notice thoughts, physical …

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5 Meditation apps for people too busy to mediate

Everywhere you look, people these days are stressed out. There is a drive to cope and to survive. People are getting savvier about how chronic stress can lead to ill health. With the rise of stress levels and dwindling attention span, people are increasingly using technology to tap into age …

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Five Ways to have Daily Laughter practice

Most people find themselves very busy these days. Busyness is the new buzz word. We should not stop pursuing our goals, but as they say “all work and no laughter can make Jack a dull boy” For ages, people have been fascinated with laughter. Laughter has been prescribed and practiced …

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