Theresa Shan

Theresa is SOULSCAPE's go-to-advisor for all things yoga, as she's a certified yoga teacher who's been teaching at both large & boutique yoga studios in Singapore since 2010. She's also the founder of MADANA Yoga Lifestyle, a line of high quality, eco-friendly yoga mats & accessories for eco-conscious yogis. When she's not stretching out, she creates unique concepts for the lifestyle yoga & wellness events run by SOULSCAPE.

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White or black chia seeds, what is the difference?

So you’ve taken on a new years resolution to get healthy—welcome to the club! If you’ve started researching on what to add to or cut from your diet, then you’ve surely come across chia seeds. So you’ve set out on the quest to buy chia seeds—good going! Now you are standing in …

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Women can have a business career & enjoy life. Our co-founder Theresa shares how she balances her three passions—running two businesses and teaching yoga. I feel very blessed to be women in our current society. Women have more influence than ever before. We have equal rights, are earning the same as our …

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30 Day Bikram Challenge by Theresa Shan

My 30 day Bikram Hot Yoga Challenge was an eye opening experience. Held at Bikram True Yoga Pacific Plaza, this studio follows the traditional methods of a 90 minute Hot Yoga Bikram class. Equipped with a stage and microphones for the teacher; as well as carpeting on the floors, iconic …

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