Best Valentine’s Gifts For Him And Her

Those of you who have a significant other will understand the Valentine’s Day rush: Getting gifts, preparing cards, buying flowers for your special someone to mark Valentine’s Day. It is a day for us to pamper our significant other and show them how much we love them. Truth is, Valentine’s Day is not the only day in the year to pamper your loved ones; it should be all year round!

But nevertheless, if you want to look for something different, and healthy, on the 3 online stores below! We’ve picked out a few gift selections for both the ladies and gentlemen:

My Life Inc.

My Life Inc. is a pioneer in the market for combining technology with health to create value for their customers. They exclusively distribute most of the products on their site, which are healthy products curated by My Life Inc. to be meaningful, functional and convenient.

For The Ladies: Chocolate Strawberry Black Tea by Teaism (Limited edition!)


Chocolate? Strawberries? I was immediately attracted to this limited edition luxury tea. It contains only natural ingredients and has anti-aging properties, lower calories, and high Vitamin C content. Instead of the buying the usual chocolates as sweet treats to please your lady, buy this healthy Chocolate Strawberry Black Tea to pamper her.

For The Gentlemen: Men’s Exfoliating Facial Scrub by Gentlemen’s Tonic


Most of the guys I know don’t put too much effort into caring for their skin, and us girls all know how important that is. This exfoliating facial scrub will get them started. This scrub contains naturally derived ingredients that help to remove excess dirt and dead skin cells to cleanse the skin. The bamboo particles are a natural exfoliant, and the coco butter, shea butter and babassu oil helps to sooth and moisturize the skin.


Naiise curates original, well-designed products and daily design inspiration. It is based in Singapore, and is one of the fastest growing design retailers locally. They wish to make good designs accessible to everyone, in order to better people’s lives at the same time.

For The Ladies: APOLLO Sore Muscle Relief Essential Oil Roll-On by ZVI Fine Oils


For the active ladies and those who are looking to get into shape, APOLLO contains a blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils that will increase blood flow, warm and alleviate general muscle soreness and stiffness. It is an all-natural remedy designed to relief muscle aches and pains after a workout! The essential oils not only rejuvenate the body, but also soothes the mind.

For The Gentlemen: Sponge Hair Wax by Hanz de Fuko


A few gentlemen I know spend more time on their hair than I do (or should). Giving the man of your life this gift would do good for their hair, and make them look and feel better! This matte finish, high-hold wax is made from organic ingredients and natural plant extracts, giving the hair more texture, while allowing it to be molded and sculpted with absolute control. This product is also paraben- and sulfate-free. It’s suitable for all scalp types.

Living Naturally Co.

The Living Naturally Co. has a simple purpose: To introduce more natural products into your daily routine. They believe that we deserve the best we can give to ourselves, living natural and organic as much as possible.

For The Ladies: ILIA Lipstick Crayon


ILIA strives to provide the highest quality in their cosmetics. The ingredients are sourced from organic farms and manufactured in an organic certified lab. This ensures that ILIA cosmetics not only looks great on you, but does good for your face too! The ILIA Lipstick Crayon comes in a variety of colours and is packed with healing oils that is great for the lips. You also get to pick your girlfriend/wife’s lip colour by buying her one this Valentine’s!

For The Gentlemen: CAMP Backcountry Beard + Scalp Serum


The Backcountry Serum is great for men who have facial hair, or are looking to grow some soon! The ingredients used in this product are chosen as close to their natural state as possible to retain their full healing benefits. This blend of pure essential oils and conditioning jojoba oil nourishes your skin and hair. This grooming oil helps to stimulate healthy hair growth, protects against brittle hairs, and leaves shiny, admirable beards. The serum not only moisturizes the facial hair, but also hydrates the skin beneath, giving you healthy and flake-free skin.



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Jeng Teng believes a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. She believes the smallest things in life bring the greatest joy, and keeps a happiness journal to note down her daily blessings. Currently trying to embark on a healthier lifestyle, she hopes to get into pilates and yoga. She is always on the lookout for healthier food options to compensate for her sinful indulgences - chocolate and ice-cream!

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