Stop, Drop & Yoga Now with 5 Apps

Easily schedule yoga stretches into your day with these apps, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert yogi. Too busy to attend yoga lessons but would still like to start stretching? We have technology to the rescue! In this tech-savvy era, almost every Singaporean has a smart …

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5 Apps You Need to Reduce Stress & Relax Now

Quickly reducing stress and relaxing just got easier with these five apps that help you to stop, live in the moment, and be more mindful now. Hectic, busy, crowded—these words are often used to describe Singapore and life on our little island. We are constantly pressured to complete many things …

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5 Apps for the Active

In keeping with an active and healthy lifestyle, there are many mobile phone applications available on various mobile platforms now that work to help you keep track and achieve your fitness goals. intheLoop narrows down 4 mobile applications that you can use as your daily driver in keeping track of …

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