Choosing The Best Options for your Nails

Spending an afternoon at the spa or getting a massage may be too time-consuming for some of us, so pampering your cuticles could be a short and sweet alternative to relax amidst our busy schedules! The following nail salons are dedicated in providing high-quality services and pampering you is at the top of their priorities, read on to find out more:

The Nail Social


Being a socially conscious nail salon, The Nail Social gives back to society by training and employing local underprivileged women in order to provide them with social stability and self-sufficiency.

You can enjoy manicure, pedicure and foot massage services at The Nail Social with drinks and snacks served. Most products used in the salon are also non-toxic, eco-friendly, fair-trade and/or cruelty-free.

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Nourish Naturally


Nourishing you naturally is exactly what Nourish Naturally wishes to do with their botanically sourced products. Customers’ all-time favourite mani-pedi treatments include the Organic Soy Wax Mani-Pedi, Tranquil Mani-Pedi and the Royal Pedicure. Apart from their indulgent treatments, services are performed without the usage of machines, as the people of Nourish Naturally believe in providing the best relief through the human touch.

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BeauteNails is a sanctuary where you can relax and recharge by pampering your hands and feet with professional grooming and conditioning techniques. BeauteNails’ treatments use Organic Gelish, which helps repair nails, hydrate cuticles, while also conditioning your skin.

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Auum Nail Spa


Auum believes in making your nails as beautiful as they should be without too much of a fuss. Their nail services are non-toxic and safe for even children, pregnant women, and those who are vegan! All scrubs, soaks, lotions and massage balms used are also 100% natural and sourced to be pure and effective for your treatments.

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Ladyfinger aims to make your nail treatment experience one where you get to relax and unwind at the same time. They believe in offering a complete nail spa experience, providing even private and corporate party events! Their high quality nail treatments have also won Singapore Women’s Weekly Spa Awards since 2009-2015.

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Summer Nail Salon


Summer Nail Salon provides a range of services from basic nail care to extension nails, to even colourful nail designs! The professional manicurists from Summer Nail Salon wish to give their customers the perfect nails when they visit. Their nail care is organic and contains fewer chemicals, which are beneficial for your hands and feet.

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