Top 5 Effective Yoga Asana Poses for Fertility Boosting and Conceiving

Asana Yoga has more benefits than you could ever imagine. Given that they promote weight reduction, cardio & circulatory health, reduce stress & anxiety, shorten labor, and helps in improving birth outcomes, one of the helpful and wonderful benefits of yoga asanas is its fertility solutions. Known as an effective yoga for fertility, we now cover the most intriguing topics for couples and women.

More and more women across the world are having fertility medications that are not just less effective, but may also harm one’s health. One main reason why a lot of women are having a hard time in trying to get pregnant is because of the anxiety, stress, overwork, sleep deprivation, and unhealthy lifestyle. This decreasing fertility rate is alarming, which is why a lot of couples are now seeking counseling.

Fertility solutions

One suggested solution is to avoid the root cause of stress; however it isn’t easy. You wouldn’t want to leave your job or take a break from taking care of your family, right? Thus, these factors make fertility in women harder to achieve. Though there are varieties of fertility treatments that will surely cost a fortune, like IVF, yogis all around the world has found a safe but effective yoga for women that improves their chances of getting pregnant.

5 Yoga asana for fertility

We’ve compiled a list of top 5 fertility-boosting poses. These easy yoga poses are one of the best and natural ways to get pregnant, recommended and highly effective:

Wall uo 800x533

Yoga for fertility #1: Legs up the wall or Viparita Karani

Hold this pose: 15 – 20 minutes

Description: After the intercourse, doing Viparita Karani increases the chances of conception. While improving the flow of blood to the pelvic region, this pose helps to keep the sperm near the uterus opening, which makes it easier for fertilization.

How to do this yoga pose: Go to the nearest wall, while lying with your back, place your butt flat to the wall and your feet upwards. So it wouldn’t hurt your back, it is optional to place a soft towel flat to where your lower back is lying.

 Cobra Pose

Yoga for fertility #2: Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana

Hold this pose: 30 seconds and breath then release

Description: Popularly effective in improving blood flow and known as the best yoga pose to improve chances of getting pregnant, the cobra pose helps in simulating the hormone production and energy into the ovaries and uterus. With that, the production of cervical mucus increases, making it easier for the sperm to meet the egg.

How to do this yoga pose: While lying on your stomach on the floor, focus on breathing slowly, carefully arching the upper body upward. Put your palm to lie flat on the floor then slowly push your arms upward, arching your back.

 Shoulder stand 800x533

Yoga for fertility #3: Shoulder Stand or Sarvangasana

Hold this pose: 10 seconds for first try, then increase the duration until you reach 1 minute of holding the pose.

Description: Though it requires a great amount of balance, beginners may try this while supported by a wall or a pillow. The Shoulder Stand can stimulate the thyroid gland, relaxing the pelvic area and focusing the blood flow of the body to the uterus.

How to do this yoga pose:

While lying flat on your back, slowly and carefully raise your lower body up to the air, using both of your arms as support to your back, push your back while making yourself further upright. While doing this, it is important not to move the head while on the process of holding the pose so as to avoid injury. Also, remember to keep your tongue as relaxed as possible to help ease the yoga position.

 Forward Bend 800x533

Yoga for fertility #4: Forward Bend or Paschimottanasana

Hold this pose: 1 – 2 minutes with controlled and deep breathing

Description: Relieving stress, depression, and increases fertility, the forward bend stretches your lower back while increasing your chances of conceiving. As it stimulates your ovary and uterus for fertility boosting, the asana pose also helps improve a psychologically relaxed state.

How to do this yoga pose: Seated while keeping your legs straight and flat on the floor, gradually bend the upper body up close to the legs while making a steady and deep breathing. Inhale while in the first position then slowly exhale as you bend down. Remember to gently bend forward and not to force yourself as it may pose injury.

Support Bridge 

Yoga for fertility #5: Supported Bridge Pose or Setu Bandhasana

Hold this pose: 30 seconds to 1 minute (depends on your strength)

Description: As you do the Setu Bandhasana, you are enabling your pelvic region to expand, thus helps in developing your fertility rate. It also vitalizes the thyroid gland while keeping a maintained blood circulation all over the body. This yoga asana can also relieve anxiety, depression, stress, and fatigue – the common factors that lessen the fertility rate.

How to do this yoga pose: Start by lying flat on the floor, carefully move your buttocks upward, giving your lower body an arched formation. The knees should help support the body. While in this position, keep your arms at your side, palms flat on the floor. Another alternative is you can clasp your ankles while holding the position.

Yoga has been an effective solution to women who are trying to get pregnant. Any misconception isn’t true. In fact, yoga is also used to lessen and ease gas relief for pregnant women. Even if you are just a starter to yoga or know how to but doesn’t know where to start, you can try out yoga for strengthening and toning your body. Now, these easy but effective steps and yoga poses can help boost fertility in women without any complications through medicated fertility procedures.



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