The Weight Loss Elixir In Your Kitchen

The market today is saturated with lots of weight-loss teas, capsules or pills that have gained great popularity amongst the masses. However, you can also work towards your ideal weight with something that you see everyday in your kitchen — Apple Cider Vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a popular natural remedy that can help with digestion, controlling blood sugar level, preventing fat accumulation and suppressing appetite…All which contributes to weight-loss! You will be surprised what ACV can do for your body.


1. Digestion

Pectin, which is a substance found in ACV, helps to improve digestion of food when you get bloated. ACV also helps to increase efficiency of body processes, such as digestion and metabolism, by detoxing our body and utilizing the nutrients from what we consume in the best way.

2. Control Appetite

If you tend to overeat, you may want to look into using ACV to help you out! Studies have found that vinegar slows stomach emptying, which can delay your pangs of hunger. It also helps you feel fuller for longer by slowly releasing glucose from high-carb foods (eg. pasta) into your bloodstream. ACV can suppress your appetite by making you feel fuller earlier, which has been proven by a study where subjects who were given bread with vinegar felt significantly fuller than those who only had bread.

3. Control Blood Sugar Levels

A research study has found that sipping on ACV before a meal may help to lower blood sugar, due to its starch-blocking properties. It leads to less starch being broken down into calories, which could cause a subtle drop in weight over a period of time.

4. Prevents Fat Accumulation

While it is important for our body to get ample time to absorb nutrients from the food we consume during digestion, fats that stay longer than necessary in our intestines could result in more fats being absorbed. ACV helps on this as it reduces the time fats stay in our digestive system.

While this article has focused greatly on the benefits of apple cider vinegar, one have to be really mindful with the portions of vinegar you consume. Having too much acetic acid, which is found in vinegar, could hurt your throat. Also, despite its weight-loss effects, do not expect drinking vinegar to work like a miracle. It definitely has to be accompanied with a good fitness routine and a healthy diet and lifestyle!



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