Its Family Day at SOULSCAPE!

Just three more sleeps to SOULSCAPE! A new feature this year is having the festival catered to your tribe. And that includes your whole family. That’s right, bring the whole family for a fun day at the beach: we have activities to suit everybody’s needs! For the little ones in your tribe, a day at the Kids Oasis section would be a magical experience! Organised by Canvass Singapore, the Kids Oasis has plenty of fun and varied activities for your little ones to enjoy! Take your kids to our Kids Oasis for a day filled with specially curated activities including:


Sunset Yoga + Art


Experience twice the fun when yoga meets art! Led by Canvass founder Jolie Michelle Ow, she founded the art and yoga studio in 2005 where the focus is on holistic, organic learning and where exploration, not just the end result, is just as key to a students development. She is always seeking more knowledge in nurturing creativity and expression, and wishes that everyone embraces the journey of processes as much as the results and destinations. Meanwhile,

Kids Yoga


Let your children STRETCH away on the sands of Sentosa! Led by Amanda Ling, kids Yoga 1 and 2 combine art, story-telling of warriors in the past that connects with the yoga poses to teach the students the different asanas (poses) and the traditional names and stories behind them. They learn basic body anatomy to know which muscles to isolate and body parts to engage in yoga practice. They get to put poses together in a sequence and improvise them, independently. And they also learn non-verbal ways of expressing themselves, and simple meditation and breathing exercises to keep themselves calm, focused and centred. Relax and cool down, and head to the creative art booth to SKETCH and get their expression and experience painted onto the canvas.

Kids Acro Yoga


Take yoga to the next level when yoga meets acrobatics! Known for its dynamic aerial postures and manoeuvres the physical art started in 2003 by Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein who combined their own knowledge and expertise in acrobatics and yoga. Tribal leader Marc Bauchet travels the world teaching AcroYoga, Tulayoga and Thai massage. From martial arts and scientific backgrounds, he started exploring yoga over 14 years ago, on the way discovering disciplines which are now integrated in his practice and teachings.

Live Percussions and Jamming


Allow your children to hit the beach with percussions made with raw materials. Led by Amanda Ling and Josh Tan, explore sounds, rhythms, pitches with various materials and tools, learning the history of how instruments are made. Through experimenting the tools with gentle and lively guidance by local musicians and couple – Joshua and Amanda. Together they will bring your senses to a whole new level, that celebrates in a group, enjoying the raw beats and soulful music. Feel your energy sparkling with joy after STRETCH and SKETCH activities, together with the music against the beautiful sunset.

Tribal Fashion Runway


How about a makeover, tribal style?! Led by Julia Wallace, as a degree in Knitwear Design & Production and loves meddling in fine Art, 3D Design, Graphic Design, Textiles/Fashion and Photography.Her career has taken her around the world – working with high-end fashion houses in Italy and visiting London Fashion Week and major exhibitions in Paris! For most of the past 20 years, she has worked as a Fashion Designer, creating ranges of clothing for children and ladies and for major international High Street brands like Marks & Spencer. Most recently, Julia’s volunteer work has included supporting the i-india charity – creating embellished purses/bags and jewellery for girls in Jaipur to learn to make and then sell in Singapore.

Tribal Body Art and Aboriginal Painting


Early engagement with the Arts has strongly shown to have positive impact on kids. These experiences cultivate creativity and boost their learning curve. As such, exploration should be encouraged. With experienced teachers of Canvass, we observe each child’s sensory and motor skills, gently guiding that creative potential. Take this chance to discover family art on the beach. Explore colours and patterns of nature, the history of the tribal aboriginal paintings, how the patterns and colours affect moods, that create a story that is personal and reflective. Experiment textures with the sand and paint, to create depth and dimension in these amazing keepsakes to bring positive energy for your home and loved ones.



Parkour for Kids


Let your kids discover and have fun with Parkour, the act of moving from point “a” to point “b” using the obstacles in your path to increase your efficiency. Led by Derrick Siu, who discovered Parkour in 2011 through a friend. It was then that he was actually able to experience its true value and power, realising it was not about big jumps and stunts often portrayed in the videos, but more about seeing possibilities, challenging one’s own limits, reigniting one’s sense of wonder and learning to master one’s body, mind and spirit.

It was a beginning of a new journey, and after making a stronger commitment to the craft in mid 2012, he recruited a group of friends to train with. From this group grew what is now the Superfly Monkey Dragons Parkour Freerunning Academy and Agency.


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