Find A Healthy Hobby

Want to fast-track on keeping a fit body? Fitness buff, Aly Rauff shares that the secret is to find a hobby that also keeps you healthy at the same time!

In an ideal situation, you have a single hobby that can make you money, keep you healthy, and makes you happy. But this isn’t a perfect world and we all have different wants and needs and dreams. So it doesn’t always fall into place.

What’s the point of having hobbies which can do these three things? Basically, there’s things you enjoy doing that get you three things you really need in life (let’s be honest – we all NEED money.)

I’m focusing on the hobby that will keep you healthy. Too many people who don’t try to stay healthy make it out to be something that you would dread, that’s a chore, that’s in the way, that’s not fun… I could go on.

And let’s be honest, no matter how hard you try to convince others (and yourself) that working out is fun, it’s hard while you’re doing it. Why? No pain no gain, honey.

But really, it’s real hard work. And that’s why so many people quit. That’s why I say it is so important to make sure you actually enjoy your work out and why you need to make you stick to it for long enough to feel the difference it makes.

Now think about something you actually love doing – a hobby you have. Maybe it’s writing or drawing or playing video games or gardening. I don’t know, but take the feeling you have for this activity. Think about how fun it is, how it makes you feel, why you keep going back to do it.

And imagine if that activity could keep your body healthy. Keep your heart humping and your brain healthy and your organs working at their best so that they can make you feel great and healthy and live the best life you possibly can!

That’s what I want.

That’s what you should want too.

Explore everything that makes you feel good. There are millions of things we could fall in love with doing. And out of those, there could easily be tens of thousands which would also benefit your health.

Maybe you like to dance, so take up dancing regularly – who ever said you need to be good at it?

If you like to travel then start moving! Not every journey needs to be in a car or on a plane. Grab a bike, take a hike, camp outside. Try different foods, healthy foods, fresh fruits.

If you like to cook maybe you might just find a passion at discovering some healthy meal alternatives – and maybe your heart will thank you for it later.

Basically, you don’t have to fall in love with weightlifting or yoga or running to have a hobby which keeps you healthy. Anything you love doing can be altered so that it benefits your health, your mind and your body.

Finding a new healthy hobby is great – but maybe that healthy hobby is something you already do, you just need to look deeper into it.


This post was originally published on Aly R Fit.



About Aly Rauff

Aly is an active and fitness-loving yogi. She used to live a completely unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle until it changed about 3 years ago. Now she works out and does yoga regularly, is excited about anything that’s fitness related and has learned how to really live a happier, healthier life! She regularly blogs about her opinions and experiences (as well as her love for activewear) and shares her workouts and yoga on Instagram.


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