Get More Active In Your Yoga Wear – RUMI X Special

It is hard to miss the images posted on social media of people striking a yoga pose, while looking incredible in their colourful yoga wear. If you are looking for something eye-catching and functional too, look no further than eco-friendly RUMI X active wear. Made with 100 per cent recycled polyester, RUMI X bottoms are flexible, fit like a second skin, and thanks to their high-performing nature, are a natural choice for other activities too!


Forget baggy sweatpants; head to your next dance class in a pair of fashionable RUMI X leggings instead. Incredibly light and made of chafe-free fabric, you can hit all the right moves in them no matter how challenging your choreography gets. Available in various prints ranging from geometric to diamond, these leggings look great when paired with oversized tops for a hip hop class, or with a fitted top for modern dance.


Run comfortably for miles and turn heads at the same time with RUMI X bottoms. For those who prefer their legs bare, slip into a pair of RUMI X shorts. You can wear them high on the waist, or fold the waist band down to sit low on the hips before embarking on a good sprint. The capris are also a fantastic option for those desiring something practical without compromising on style. Best of all, they enable skin to breathe easily thanks to quick drying tech fabric, so you feel fresh outdoors no matter how hot the weather gets. Pro-tip: Both the shorts and leggings include a hidden inner pocket, so you can easily and safely store your money or keys.

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For avid cyclists, developing a rash or chafing on the inner thighs can be a serious problem. Not only is the healing process arduous and painful, it may also hinder you from going on your next ride until the sore area fully recovers. This becomes a thing of the past when you pull on a pair of RUMI X leggings. They are long enough to protect your skin from grazing at the sensitive areas, and are guaranteed to provide you chafe-free bliss.


Kickboxing is a high intensity sport involving punching and kicking. This requires bottoms that really stretch to meet your movements, yet are sustainable enough to withstand the fancy foot and arm work. Stay cool and look great in RUMI X leggings—they are soft enough to allow you optimal comfort, yet flexible enough so you really get to make the most out of your workout.


If barre drums up the image of tiny ballerinas in tights, you will be surprised to know that anyone can attend a barre class! RUMI X leggings and capris are perfect for barre, as the class requires you to don fitted trousers to aid in flexibility. Each barre session incorporates a lot of stretching, so RUMI X bottoms are essential for moving freely during bar or mat work, which helps in perfecting each move without restriction.


The versatility of RUMI X bottoms allows you to take them anywhere, from a stroll in the park to participating in a cross marathon. So if you are looking for your dream pair of active bottoms, keep RUMI X in mind!




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