How to Get Quick Recovery from Sickness

As all yogis would experience mild to severe illness from time to time, yoga expert, Aly Rauff, shows her very own steps to quickly get rid of it.

Like most of us, Aly hates being sick as it is such an inconvenience to her – mainly because she won’t be able to workout. As she loves being able to breathe clearly and move around without being exhausted, she shared her tips to quickly recover from sickness.

I used to get sick pretty easily. If someone had the flu I would definitely get it, then I’d be sick for about 2 weeks and it was torture! You know the usual- I didn’t eat well and I never exercised so it’s not like my body was the strongest. And of course now that my lifestyle has changed, so has getting sick.

I don’t get sick as often and when I do, I don’t feel as bad and it doesn’t last as well. So all improvements! It’s not just an overnight change of course, but when I do still get sick I do these things to help me feel better and get through it faster.

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  1. More Raw Food

    For this one, no one actually told me but I discovered on my own. When I don’t feel as good, I naturally start to crave raw food like fresh fruits, salad wraps, rice with fresh veggies (especially tomatoes and mango). And more recently, when I have been sick those cravings are crazy.I can’t imagine having a noodle or rice dish, I just want salads or fruit. So I get them and eat them, and they have definitely made me feel a lot better than having more cooked food like I normally do. This doesn’t mean I only eat raw food when I’m sick, I just swap out my usual breakfast and lunch and add tons of raw fruits and veggies (and rice) to it. 

  2. Hydrate 

    This is an obvious one, isn’t it? Even with the Plant Nanny App I used, I don’t always hit 100% of my recommended water intake for the day. I get busy, I forget, I have tea or coffee instead – all excuses but I should be drinking enough water everyday. When I do get sick (usually with the flu or a sore throat) I know how important that is so I have a glass every couple of hours.

  3. No Working Out

    It’s an obvious one but many people still do workout when they’re sick, especially if it doesn’t seem “too bad”. I used to be one of those people and it never helped me.
    So now I skip the workouts all together. As long as I have something wrong, whether it’s a runny nose or a scratchy throat, I skip working out and let it be.

  4. Sleep In

    I usually get up between 5:30am to 7am during the week and 8am on the weekend. It is early and I’m not one who sleeps before 10am. So if something’s not feeling right, I’m in bed sooner and I’m staying in as late as I can.
    This still applies when I have a random sore throat or I feel stuffed up. Sometimes you need just a bit more rest and you’ll be okay, so I give myself more rest when my body feels like it needs it.

  5. Stay Clean

    I don’t know what you guys do, but for years, if I was sick I would just stay in bed and sleep, get up for medication and a bit of food them back to sleep and repeat.
    But now, even if I have the stomach flu, I have to force myself up for at least 2 showers a day, and if possible to make sure I have brand new clean sheets to sleep in.
    I sleep the best on the nights where I’ve just made my bed with new sheets AND and I’ve had a nice warm shower. I feel great and I wake up feeling like I’ve slept so well. So when I really need it, I’m making sure my bed and I are clean.

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About Aly Rauff

Aly is an active and fitness-loving yogi. She used to live a completely unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle until it changed about 3 years ago. Now she works out and does yoga regularly, is excited about anything that’s fitness related and has learned how to really live a happier, healthier life! She regularly blogs about her opinions and experiences (as well as her love for activewear) and shares her workouts and yoga on Instagram.


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