How Travel-Size Eco-Friendly Toiletries Save Your Skin

Travel-size eco-friendly bath and skin care products are not only kinder for earth, they are also better for your skin and kinder on your wallet! Find out how.

Going on holiday is one of the best feelings in the world. Jetting away to your dream destination, checking into a luxurious hotel and soaking in a hot bubble bath—truly the epitome of enjoyment! However, has it occurred to you that every time you use the conveniently packaged toiletries in a hotel room, you could potentially be damaging the environment, and your skin health?

Waste, waste, and more waste

While more hotels are taking a green approach to their amenities, there are still a large number that provide individually packaged toiletries for their guests. This leads to a large wastage of plastic and materials, since tourists usually adopt the use-and-throw approach when on holiday. Hotels also replace these toiletries daily, further increasing excess waste that contribute to ever-growing landfills, which can impact the environment in a negative way.

If soap bars are used, they usually contain palm oil, which is also an environmental hazard in its own way.

Furthermore, many of the liquid soaps and shampoos as well as toothpaste are made with synthetic ingredients that could possibly trigger skin reactions. In the long term, you may end up spending more time and money on treating these skin reactions, which could be easily be avoided by switching to eco-friendly bath and skincare products.


Going Eco

When bringing your own toiletries along for your travels, take it one step further and aim to use those of an organic nature. Thanks to extensive media coverage, there is a heightened interest in the use of eco-friendly products in our daily lives to encourage a greener lifestyle, which in turn has resulted in many brands putting out a great variety of toiletries to choose from.

Well known for its eco practices, Aveda stocks an impressive range of hair and skincare products to suit every individual’s needs. Every product’s packaging is also completely recyclable.

COMO Shambhala is a lifestyle brand from Singapore that does not use artificial colours, fragrances, or chemicals in all of its products, making it a great option for those who prefer natural choices.

Conceptualised in 1964, Dr. Hauschka is one of the pioneers of eco-friendly products. The brand specialises in self-grown ingredients using biodynamic principles—a practice that adopts organic and integrated farming methods for greener living.

Innisfree uses 70 per cent of natural ingredients—certified by France’s ECOCERT organisation—in their skincare range, paying special attention to the ingredients that originate from Jeju Island, Korea. The brand also holds campaigns to contribute to reducing carbon emissions, and encourages consumers to return empty bottles to their stores for recycling.

The Body Shop is a familiar brand in Singapore—they emphasise on using only ethically sourced ingredients for its products. The brand has a range of organic toiletries under the name Nutriganics™, where they claim there is ‘a minimum of 98% ingredients of natural origins’.



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