Juice Cleanse Companies to choose from in Singapore

The phrase “cold pressed juice” is usually mentioned together with juicing. So what is cold press juicing? It is a method of juicing where fruits and vegetables are crushed and wrung into a dry pulp, instead of extraction with a blade centrifuge like conventional juicers do.
However, this process generates heat that destroys most of the healthy enzymes and vitamins in the fruit and vegetables. This does not happen with cold pressed juices. Eager to add cold pressed juices to your daily nutrition plan? Consider these companies that specialise in cold-pressed juices.




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The benefits of green juices first came to our attention when researching treatment for a loved one who was ill. He had an auto immune disease and it was one of those that modern medicine did not have a cure for.  With little to lose, a daily program of juices was devised and followed for several months. The result was a dramatic improvement to both the diagnosis and his general health. The troubling symptoms disappeared and he was healthier than he had been for many years. As such we are called “Daily Juice” as we hope to that juicing will not just be a sporadic effort but in fact a regular, daily habit! Only then can its health benefits be better realized and enjoyed.

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When customers order a juice cleanse package, a juice cleanse guide will be emailed to them. They can also email us at contact@dailyjuice.sg for any questions.


Daily Juice prides itself on providing customers with both affordable and tasty juices without compromising on nutrition. You get the best of both worlds: veggies and fruit in our mixes!


In a few weeks time Daily Juice will be launching a new cleanse package with new flavors! We are also working on a collaboration with Good Food Heals so keep your eyes peeled on that!

Find them at 20 Lorong Telok, Singapore 049032




Founded by former Wall Street trader turned juicer, JOOB serves 100% organic, cold-pressed juices. Its juice bar has an “open-kitchen”, located in the CBD, where the whole production, from choosing the freshest produce to cold-pressing the pulp, takes place.

As the first premium 100% organic juice bar in Singapore, selling a la carte juices and multi-day detox programs. Their ala carte juices, consisting of cold-pressed juices, booster shots and juice subscription plans, provide a quick fix for your daily nutritional requirement. The juice detox programs aim to kickstart your long-term goal of eating healthily and cleanly, with the added benefit of weight loss claimed by many of our cleansers! They cold-press the organic produce using the best juicer, the Norwalk Juicer, to give you a glass of juice that has maximum nutrients and minimum oxidation.



Customers will receive a detailed  detox guide prior to their program and can depend on near-immediate responses to any question or feedback via phone call/sms (+65 96274615) or email (order@joob.sg).


JOOB’s operating philosophy focuses on the individual consumer. Joob offers flexible start dates, customisation of juice programs, and superior customer service.

With a very flexible ordering schedule and detox programs, you can

1) start on almost any date

2) choose programs ranging between 1-day and 5-day. and can switch any juice with our a la carte menu if cleanser knows what he/she wants.

Being the most affordable organic cold-pressed juicer on the block, JOOB also allows for customization of the cleanse packages if you already know what is suitable for you. Also, a 18-bottle cooler bag is used if you order a longer cleanse.


Juice a la carte – Six pack of juices to supplement your diet. Not so much of a cleanse, these juices can be shared between you and your colleagues or friends at any time of the week.

Find them @ 3 Pickering Street, 01-43, Singapore 048660.





First juicer founded by a Michelin-trained chef, Rejuicenate’s juices are made from locally sourced organic vegetables and fruit.

Rejuicenate-5 800

Due to various individual needs, Rejuicenate provide different types of cleanse programs. The more advanced the program, the amount of green/fruit juices will increase:

Rejuicenation Cleanse – Beginners level: If you have never done a cleanse before and your veggie intake comprises mainly of the lettuce in your burger or the small salad that comes as sides with your main dish, choose the perfect way to ease in and kickstart to a healthy lifestyle with the Rejuicenation Cleanse.

Foundation Cleanse – Intermediate level: You’ve been taking your veggies regularly and enjoy a big bowl of salad, but you know that you may never be able to give up meat fully. The Foundation Cleanse is right up your alley, especially if you aren’t a newbie to cleansing or trying to eat clean, giving you a deeper cleansing experience.

Elimination Cleanse – Advanced level: You are a cautious eater who looks at the labels of everything that enters your body, with a diet that is filled with organic greens and a lifestyle that includes regular exercise. Filled to the brim with all the benefits of veggies, the Elimination Cleanse is packed with chlorophyll and alkaline to help restore your body to its pristine self, with every juice designed to trigger detox and elimination, purging out any bad stuff that you have taken over the years.

Drink your food, Chew your juice – That’s what they say at Rejuicenate.


Rejuicenate believes in supporting local, organic farming. Ingredients are handpicked by the team to bring the best-tasting juices to you. Also, an email will be sent to you before you start your cleanse. If you have any questions during the cleanse, feel free to contact the number given to you. At the end of the cleanse, there will be a follow up email to check on your journey.


With a Michelin trained chef at the helm, you can be assured that the juices are tasted before it gets delivered to you.


Repetition Program – A six-juice program to maintain and adopt a healthier and cleaner lifestyle after completing a juice cleanse. Instead of three or five days of juice cleansing continuously, this program will give your body a breather and time to heal once a week. You’ll get six juices to replace your meals for the day.

(COMING SOON) Juice-To-Dinner – Suitable for you if you can’t live without a full meal for the day or find juice cleansing daunting. With four juices for you to take during the day, and end the day with a healthy meal recipe prepared by Rejuicenate, this is specially designed to keep you on the healthy track.

Find them @ 54 Cashew Road, #02-02 Singapore 679637.




Sana Cleanse Logo

Founded by Rochelle Hogan, who grew up on the east coast of Australia. After 10 years of working in advertising industry in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong she left to pursue a life of yoga, meditation, clean whole foods and books. In the process she discovered juice cleansing, which changed her life. Sana Cleanse offers a meticulously designed juice cleanse program, offering renewed energy, balance, health and vitality to everyone in Singapore.

Sana Cleanse Juice Cleanse Programs Singapore

The Sana Cleanse consists of 3 levels:

Level 1 – Great for beginners: The gentlest program, perfect for first timers. With a smoothie to start off your morning and a nut milk smoothie – which is nut milk and nuts blended together to create a fabulous thick dessert to end your day with.

Level 2 – Best of both worlds: Like it’s name suggests – is the best of both worlds, with more green juices than level 1, but a good balance of fruit juices to not shock the system if you are not yet ready for Level 3.

Level 3 – An advanced green cleanse: Where the true juice cleansing starts, with no smoothies or nut milks, this program is the most alkaline, nutrient dense and intense program. THE program for experienced cleansers!

Sana Cleanse has paid a lot of attention to taste, with the idea that it should not only be healthy but also palatable, “or else people may not drink it”, says Rochelle.


Being the first and most senior juice cleanse company in Singapore, Sana has the experience knowledge to guide you on your cleanse journey. Newbies are always welcome to drop them and email or a call to ask questions or express concerns. The lovely team at Sana will check in with you on a daily basis.


Sana runs a rebate program for their cooler bags. Their motto is: Use it or return it! They want to avoid cooler bags ending up in the rubbish, or in a cupboard collecting dust. In return you get to collect rebates for your next cleanse. Win-win we say!


Sana Encore – is a nutrient rich one day program delivered over 2 – 4 consecutive weeks. Perfect for health enthusiasts looking to supplement their regular cleansing practice, or those simply looking to supplement their healthy lifestyle.

Sana Six – Is a six pack of juices to help you keep up a healthy lifestyle on a regular basis. Not tied to a cleanse at all, these juices can just be drank at any point in time during the day.

With 9 combinations to choose from, you are bound to find one that is right for you.





Lucky You Juice Cleanse started in Australia and has been a hit with many Australian celebrities such as Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr and many more. They opened a Singapore chain just last year and they pride in using only the finest raw fruit and vegetable ingredients.

Lucky You has a few programs like:

LYC 1 DAY TO 6 DAY JUICE CLEANSE – you can choose for how many days you would like to do the cleanse

LYC BLENDED CLEANSE – mainly the green smoothie and nut milk

LYC GREEN – only the green juice

LYC GREEN SMOOTHIE – only the green smoothie

They have two types of green juices (Green A & Green B), which are really nutrient packed, and tastes delicious. We think the way their different juices for each day are being scheduled are perfect for beginners as you definitely need some nut milk to end the day or else you might feel really hungry the next day. But above all, the juices taste great. And did we mention, the nut milk also contains dates – we feel it tastes like a very healthy latte.


Lucky You Cleanse sends a daily email (throughout your cleanse journey) with tips and reminders for you in both your juice journey and how changing a bit of your lifestyle goes a long way. In the first day mail, they mentioned about the act of “chewing your juice” and not only it helps you to be mindfully drinking it, but also reminds us to slow down, be present and enjoy the juice – at the same time promotes healthier digestion.


They also have progurt, which is a probiotic that can be dissolved in your green juices. This aids digestion and rebalances the gut.


Lucky You Cleanse also have Naturopathy services. Fundamental to the practice of naturopathic medicine is a profound belief in the ability of the body to heal itself, given the opportunity. Naturopathic medicine takes a wholistic approach to healthcare that is deeply focused on individualised care.




hic'Juice Logo Final 4C_small

Founded by a group of food-junkies-turned-juice-enthusiasts,
with the help of a lovely certified nutritionist, to bring the healthy wave of cold pressed organic juices from California to Singapore.

Hic’Juice has 3 plans to choose from:

Hicjuice 79552_small

Level 1: Reboot – Perfect for beginners

Level 2: Restore – For those who have done a cleanse before

Level 3: Reborn – For the experienced juice cleanser

The difference between the three levels of cleanse programs is the amount of green juices versus fruit juices daily. As well as smoothies in the Level 1 plan and nut milk (with bits of nuts). This helps to kick start your juicing journey, and help you ease into the idea of not eating. Although this will not completely give your digestive system a full “break” (because of the smoothies and pieces of nut in the nut milk), it will still be a very beneficial cleanse for everyone especially for beginners. As you gain more experience with juice cleansing you can increase your level to move towards a stricter plan. The Level 3 plan is the most advanced level. You do not get any smoothies in this plan, although you do get a nut milk on the first day. There after you only get coconut water at night to hydrate.


Hic’Juice gives you a daily diary to write down how you feel, and to help you keep track of when you need to drink your juices, as well as your “water windows”, sleep and how you feel overall at the start of the day.


The juices come in glass bottles, which you can easily reuse. There is also a collection scheme if you do not want to keep the bottles.



You can also order a Six Pack of juices to supplement your regular diet. Made up of 3 juice combinations in each pack, they offer 5 functional packages to suite your needs:

  • Energy
  • Glow
  • Relax
  • Remedy
  • Skinny





They are the new ‘juice’ on the block! Put together by a former fashion stylist, Astrie S. who thanks to her sharp aesthetic sense was highly involved in the development of 2 restaurants in Jakarta. And David R, having spent 5 years in the F&B space in Singapore, launching the Asian Food Channel. Both are passionate foodies having travelled the world tasting countless dishes, helping to mould a uniquely internationally defined sense of food.

fresh pressed liver scrub bottle

Fresh Pressed has 3 cleanse programs:

1 Day Cleanse

3 Day Cleanse

5 Day Cleanse

Made up of juices promoting:

  • Beauty
  • Energy
  • Detox
  • Health

They also provide you with 2 bottles of alkaline water (from the glacier springs of Iceland), and 1 herbal tea per day.

Fresh Pressed juices are made up of interesting combinations such as:

  • Dragon Blood (red cabbage, lemon, pear) à which tastes surprisingly good!
  • Spicy Tonic (pineapple, apple, ginger) à a light refreshing taste (unless you don’t like ginger)
  • Magnesium (parsley, spinach, carrot, celery, beet, lemon) à which is one of the more challenging juices to drink. You may need to find a bit of perseverance to finish this one.

None of their programs include any smoothies or nut milks. They are also slightly cheaper than the other juice companies, because their fruits and vegetables are not always organic. They try to source as much as possible. However their motto is to “follow the seasons”.


We love that Fresh Pressed includes 2 bottles of alkaline water and a herbal tea with each day of the cleanse. It helps ease the load of finding your own water sources. Also the herbal tea at night helps you to relax.



They also have a health café, located at Cluny Court. Should the 6 juices provided not be enough, you can just head over to top up.

Find them @ 501 Cluny Road, 01-05B, Cluny Court, Singapore 259760.





A young energetic bunch who are passionate about raw juices and who have experienced the amazing benefits and wonders it has done to their bodies. Beauty Cleanse was “born out of the desire to be a friend, a supporter & guidance to those who wish to kick-start a healthy regime”.


Beauty Cleanse has 3 amazing cleansing programs that have been carefully formulated to enhance the “beauty within”:

Skinny Jeans – to encourage weight loss

Beauty Boost – to encourage good skin

Bride-me-up – a combination of the above two programs

You can choose to do the above cleans in 3 or 5 days. Using the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer and 100% organic vegetables and fruits Beauty Cleanse follows the more authentic principals of juice cleansing, with no fibres but just pure juice. Giving you 5 juices per day plus 1 nut milk. This program contains no fibre at all, which fully gives your digestive system a “break” so it can begin the cleaning and detoxifying process thoroughly.

The juices taste good, and are quite easy to drink, as they are well balanced between fruits and vegetables. Although beware of the Spicy Lemon, the Cajun pepper may hit you if you drink this juice too fast!


They have detailed guides to help you out along the way with “cheat sheets” if you are really struggling to get by. They also check on you, and to answer and questions you may have, a very personalised and friendly approach.



Beauty Cleanse provides the choice of adding nutritional supplements to your cleanse. The supplements are there to aid the detoxification process; all supplements are 100% vegan and natural.


They also provide juices to supplement your diet with their Just Juicing range. Choose from three types: Trinity Galore“Green Champions” or BC Superstar”, you will receive 6 juices per day (of your choice) up to a maximum of 5 days. So you can choose to get your juices to be delivered to you once per week for 5 weeks for example.




We have new juicers on the block. Check them out before their launch!



THE SYNDICATE JUICE CO. was created by three like-minded women who have a passion for healthy food and believe physical and emotional wellbeing are the keys to living a healthy, happy and holistic life.





Try ELIXIR JUICE  providing 32 different types of cold-pressed juices as a replacement for food court/hawker fruit juices. With a different combination of fruits and vegetables, they believe in adopting a healthy lifestyle with 2 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, which their juices provide. As a supplement to your meals, these juices come in a smaller bottle, not encouraging you to replace it with your meals completely. Pre-order them in advance with flexible delivery schedule and store the juices up to 3 days.



If you are looking for cold pressed juices, without having to pre-order them in advanced, check out:

FRUIT FROLIC, Singapore’s first cold press juice bar. They have a combination of juices for all ailments; from headaches, to weight loss, to anti-cancer juices. Although a bit on the pricy side, all the juices are made fresh in front of you. Find them @ Holland Village MRT #B1-16, Raffles City #B1-67, Marina Bay Link Mall #B2-70

THE MISSION JUICE, founded in 2012, and located at Tanjong Pagar. Is a cute little juice bar that brings you fresh cold pressed juices at affordable prices.

Find them @ Icon Village, 12 Gopeng Street, #01-29 (near Tanjong Pagar MRT)

Read Juice Cleansing 101 Part I here.

Which is your favourite juicer? Share with us in the comment box below!





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