Make Your Own Hawaiian Poke Bowl in Singapore

Singaporean foodie stomachs have surrendered to a bowl of hot rice topped with raw fish. Find out what makes it so yummy, then make your own!

Everyone knows Hawaii for its beautiful flowers and surf, but do you know of its staple dish that has become a new obsession for foodies? Poke bowls are the new black, at least in the food world. It satisfies your cravings for both cooked and raw food. It may sound like a strange combination, but one bite may just get you captivated. In fact, you may eat even more of it to solve the puzzle of why it is so utterly delicious. We offer some suggestions.

It is super healthy. Poke is a health bomb. It is the perfect combination of nutrients in a delicious and alluring package-there is fish, vegetables, oils and rice. It might not be the essential reason why everyone has gone nuts over this island delicacy, but it definitely is a big benefit.

It is comfort food. It is perfect for days when you are craving comfort food. It is satisfying and savoury, and although you might not have grown up in Hawaii, you will definitely feel like you have when you tuck into one.

It is mysteriously satisfying. The blend of different textures provides your taste buds with an interesting ride—it is buttery, crunchy, and soft while at the same time cold, hot, and spic. Nothing can beat a delicious meal that is so tantalising.

Hawaiian tuna poke

Make Your Own Poke Bowl

If you cannot get enough of poke bowls, learn how to prepare it in the comfort of your own home so that you can easily whip it up when a poke bowl craving hits you. This delicious bowl sensation is surprisingly easy to make, here are the key tips to remember.

  • The key is fresh, raw fish. Once you have a good cut of raw fish, you are ready to make your own poke bowl. Tuna and salmon are the most popular choices because of their buttery texture. Avoid fish that has a really strong ’fishy’ smell, and ensure that the colour of the flesh is bright with a slight sheen.
  • Using a knife with a long blade, dice the fish.
  • Place the diced fish into a bowl and season it with salt to suit your taste. Check that the fish is still cold, but not frozen.
  • Add a sauce of your choice to coat the fish cubes. It can be anything such as soy sauce, sesame oil, or lime juice. If you enjoy some spice in your life, use chilli flakes.
  • Take a scoop of cooked rice and place it at the bottom of a bowl. The rice should be hot.
  • Take the seasoned poke and layer it over the rice.
  • Add vegetables of your choice—avocado, cherry tomatoes, brown or green onions.
  • Add seasoning and garnish to your taste.

Enjoy your homemade poke bowl!




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