Natural Wear: Eco Fashionable Picks for Your Wardrobe

Clothes are essentially a second layer of skin to us. With extreme climate changes running a muck on our planet in the past decade or so, certain aspects of nature preservation have been severely overlooked — clothing being an example. If you’re keen on saving “Mother Earth”, here are a few nature-friendly apparels that will give your healthy lifestyle a refreshing approach.

Rumi Yoga Wear

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Spiritual. Sustainable. Performance. Rumi Yoga Wear is committed to managing every aspect of design; sourcing premium, yet recyclable materials to seal a

feel-good factor — physically and mentally. Rumi works only with suppliers and producers who are committed to minimizing damage to the environment. Rumi’s modern high-performance leggings are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, making the world a better place for the next generation.

Comfort and functionality are as important as colour and creativity. These perfect-fit Rumies are designed for the body in motion. They offer unique stretch-ability, breathability and style – making them ideal for both fitness and fashion. Due to the carefully developed high-tech fabrics Rumi Yoga Wear can be safely machine-washed without colour loss, with the added bonus of avoiding shrinking during wash. You can get your Rumies in shorts, capris, leggings, or even in maternity leggings.

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Etrican was established in Dec 2009 by Yumiko Uno (head designer) and Dragos Necula (head of business development). The brand takes pride in their reputation of being  Singapore’s first green fashion label, and a pioneer to the local eco lifestyle movement. The philosophy behind this label is simple: they believe that the choice of an environmentally responsible lifestyle should be desirable and accessible to everyone — regardless of the circumstances.

Etrican not only designs apparels, eco friendly clothes and accessories that do not compromise on style and quality, but also keeping their affordability through running an efficient business. Etrican’s aim is to bring responsible fashion into the mainstream and become the standard rather than a niche. Only then can it improve our livelihood and the state of our environment.

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Zhai was the first eco fashion brand with original designs in Singapore. Zhai carries a full collection of styles made from bamboo fiber. The brand strives to be an environmentally and responsible clothing brand; offering simple, classic and versatile pieces, without compromising on quality, style and affordability.

Bamboo clothing is incredibly soft and luxurious. Although bamboo fibre is Zhai’s main focus, it incorporates other natural and eco fabrics into our collection. Zhai is at the cutting edge of these developments to produce innovative designs. Zhai is a proud winner of Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award 2013

OffTheMat from Yogi & Co.

OffTheMat designs and prints their very own fabric. It employs a cottage industry of local seamstresses in Palm Beach County, Florida. Amazingly light and soft, the fabric is 16% Spandex Jersey and 84% recycled plastic. Quick-dry and anti-microbial — truly feeling like second skin.

Managed by two sisters, Yogi & Co scouts out budding labels with dynamism and cutting edge style from all over the world. They wear it out themselves after for a quality check, before putting it up on Yogi & Co. Driven to spread the love for yoga, Yogi & Co.’s pieces are fab, with low profit margins and a flat shipping rate.


Striving to keep plastic bottles out of landfills, all of Teeki’s products are made from sustainable or recycled goods, giving them purpose again through an eco-friendly process.


Made with incredibly soft and luxurious, sustainable bamboo fabric, Cosset’s easy-to build basics are versatile, to the point where wearers can use them from work to working out. Lounging and travelling are other good alternatives.

H&M Concious

Concious is H&M’s line of sustainable fashion, for creating a better fashion future, and it is easily recognisable with its green conscious hangtag.



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