My 30 Days with BLACK PAINT®

As an active and sporty person, I always find it hard to follow a fixed skincare regime that involves steps of face scrubbing, cleansing, toning, putting on a facial mask, so on and so forth. Many times, I would skip steps or even not use anything at all because of my laziness. This resulted in clogged pores, uneven skin tone and dry skin, which is what my beauty therapist always tells me when I visit her, and I know it’s true.

I got introduced to BLACK PAINT® while looking for a simple and convenient skincare regime. Not only has it got an organic and natural formula, it also helps to brighten up my skin and solve my skin problems. My skin feels so clean and soft everytime, that even my beauty consultant complimented the improvement of my skin condition barely after a month of BLACK PAINT® use. I’m happy because now I know that having healthy skin doesn’t need to be troublesome and pricey!

As a beginner to BLACK PAINT®, I was suggested to the White Paint series, which is suitable for those who wants a brighter and lighter skin, while fixing your pigmentations and enhancing your glow.

My Trial White Paint Beauty Set consists of:

1 x White Paint Soap
1 x White Sponge
1 x Best Water Toner
1 x Oil Water Rose
1 x Water Cream Moisturizer
1 x Esthe Powder
1 set of Facial Paper

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Usage of these products are a little different from the typical skincare steps you already know. For a start, you might find it tedious, but it gets easier. I was suggested to follow these skincare steps closely for best results (and it really works!).

Step 1:


White Paint Soap

(Read more about White Paint Soap here)



How to Use

1. Soak white paint soap in warm water for 30 seconds

2. Apply it on your face directly with the soap OR with your fingers if you have a smaller face like me

3. Massage for 40 seconds

4. Rinse it off


Important Tips

1. Use it on dry face with make up, sure. The vegetable oil in the soap acts as a make up remover.

2. Remember not to let it go into your eyes, it really stings. I had my first eye burning experience on my first try for not closing my eyes. This is because of Urea, a type of amino acid present in the soap, that has a high pH level. Urea is present as a neautraliser to our acidic skin.

Step 2:


White Konjac Sponge

(Read more about White Konjac Sponge here)



How to Use

1. Soak white konjac sponge in warm water for 3 to 5 minutes until sponge is completely soft

2. Press out excess water

3. After Step 1, massage face with sponge in a circular motion OR press it throughout your face to extract the partially exposed comedones

4. Rinse the sponge, press dry it and hang to dry in an airy place


Important Tips

1. Do not use the scrubbing technique. It will cause damage to your skin.

2. Do not squeeze or wring the sponge. It’s made of vegetable fibre. Squeezing or wringing motions will damage the sponge faster.

3. To dry, press it between your towel



Best Water

(Read more about Best Water here)



How to Use

1. Pump 2 coin size of Best Water on your palm

2. Gently add pressure using your fingers on your face for better absorption


Important Tips

1. It acts as a toner to nourish and hydrate your skin. With 30 types of minerals vital to your skin, use sparingly.

2. Recommended to apply Best Water on facial paper* and use it as a face mask twice per week for better results

*Facial paper is specially designed facial paper by BLACK PAINT® with wax-like texture on one side and cotton on the other to prevent evaporation when you use it as a mask. It also helps to boost hydration and increase absorption rate.

Step 4


Oil Water Rose

(Read more about Oil Water Rose here)



How to Use

1.  Shake the bottle for about 20 times to mix rose oil and water

2. Pump 2 coin size of the solution on your palm

3. Massage it onto your skin in a circular motion


Important Tips

You can use this with Best Water if you have very dry skin.

Step 5


Water Cream Rose Lavender

(Read more about Water Cream Rose Lavender here)



How to Use

1. Take a pearl size amount

2. Apply onto face


Important Tips

1. Remember to put on sunblock before this.

2, You can use it as a make up base because it protects your skin and maintain the moisture all day long.

Step 6


Esthe Powder Matte

(Read more about Esthe Powder Matte here)



How to Use

1. Tap some powder onto your palm

2. You can choose either method below for different look:

i) For a Clear Look: Mix it with 2 pumps of Best Water and apply

ii) For a Soft Look: Mix it will 2 pumps of Oil Water Rose and apply (I prefer this method because Oil Water Rose can help to lighten dark circles)

iii) As a Covering foundation: Use your finger or brush and apply onto face


Important Tips

Try out different look.


The BLACK PAINT® skincare formula rebuilds, regnerates and rejuvenate your skin naturally with the organic and natural ingredients.

 In this new year, BLACK PAINT® wants you to start caring for your skin. They’ve got Loopers some specials…

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(U.P. S$144.60)


1 x White Paint Soap (60g)
1 x Best Water (50ml)
1 x Oil Water Cypress** (30ml)
1 x Water Cream Rose Lavender (10g)
1 x White Konjac Sponge

Oil Water Cypres

** Oil Water Cypress is a limited edition and upgraded version of Oil Water Rose.


  1. Discount code “LOOPHOLE” for 15% discount off RRP, online, e-storewide, inclusive of the Special Loopers Set.
  2. Online-only discount, not valid at Metro Woodlands or OG People’s Park.
  3. Valid from 14th – 27th January 2016.





BLACK PAINT® skincare products are made from natural, organic materials, building the harmony between our skin and nature. BLACK PAINT® soap has won the Grand Gold Medal of Monde Selection Award (a globally-renowned award run by International Institute for Quality Selections, Belgium that evaluates quality of each product and grant them quality label) for 6 consecutive years since 2009 under the category of Cosmetics & Toiletries. BLACK PAINT® soaps sold more than one million units in Japan in year 2012 alone.

Try BLACK PAINT® at these locations for FREE!

  • Metro Woodlands, Level 1, Cosmetics Section
  • OG People’s Park Chinatown
  • BHG, Bugis



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