BLACKPAINTⓇ – The Organic Skincare Solution For Beautiful Skin

As a Japanese skincare brand, Blackpaint takes pride in offering not only the finest organic beauty products, but also in serving the best customer service. ‘Omotenashi’ (おもてなし), which refers to the spirit of hospitality in the Japanese culture, can also be defined as an act of selflessness, wholeheartedness, and the reflection of customers as important guests. At Blackpaint, staff serve with the sincerity to help and understand a customer’s needs through personalized consultations and providing relevant advice to a customer’s skin condition.

As commercialized products are mostly plagued with harmful chemicals that increase your skin’s sensitivity in the long run, natural and organic beauty products are often the answer to getting rid of your skin problems. Blackpaint works on the principle of natural beauty and the power of nature’s healing abilities, to create award-winning products that are organic and pure, catering to customers who are looking for a healthier skincare solution.

Blackpaint’s beauty products are also 100% halal certified, so for the Islamic folks and community who are searching for beautiful and radiant skin, look no further than Blackpaint, now located at Metro Woodlands outlet. Unlike any other mainstream beauty brand, Blackpaint promises results, and they deliver them.




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