5 Easy Prenatal Yoga Poses for Gas Relief

Women all around the world can’t ignore the fact that one of the uncomfortable feelings during pregnancy is the bloating and the feeling of gas pressuring their insides. However, the wonders of Yoga have more to offer. Apart from a healthy mind and body, there are also prenatal yoga poses for an easier gas relief.

Experiencing discomforts on top of the throbbing pain all over your body is already uncomfortable as it is. But, like most women all around the world, this is also the time where bloating and stomach gasses likes to hang out in your insides. It may be because of the chewing gum, hormonal changes, or the reaction of foods to your stomach. They can contribute to a lot of factors.

There are various artificial pregnancy gas remedies. But ladies, don’t worry just even a tiny bit. Yoga is here to put that gas away.

Yoga for pregnant women

But before anything else, make sure to wear your favourite sweatpants and a stretchable top as it enables more movement as you do the following yoga poses for pregnant ladies.

Are these prenatal yoga poses safe?

Yes! These are effective gas relief yoga poses that most of the healthy conscious moms do. But as much as you want to minimize your movements, you have to stretch those bodies every now and then. The effect? A total gas relief that will make you go “ohhh”. 

        1. Open Triangle Pose

Build-up gas, for sure, brings you discomfort. This twisting pose will help to massage your intestines, stimulate digestion and relieve bloating.

Open Triangle 800x533

Spread your legs to a comfortable position. Turn your left foot out to 90 degrees. Then, hold your arms to shoulder level and slowly push your body to the left. Drop your left hand and rest it on your left shin. You should, however, raise your right hand wide. Look up to your right hand. Repeat with the other side.

        2. Wind Relieving Pose

Known as the pose to tone up your abdominal muscles, Wind Relieving Pose is very helpful in improving digestion as well as release build-up gas. Be aware as how effective this pose can be, so it is advisable to practice this pose in privacy!

Wind Relief 800x533

Lie on your back with your arms and feet flat. Then, slowly bring your right knee towards the chest and press your thigh to your abdomen. Slowly lift your head off the mate, and try to touch your chin to the right knee. Hold the position and breathe. Loosen the grip and drop the right knee down with consciousness. Repeat the pose with the other leg, and with both legs together,

        3. Seated Forward Bend

Stress and emotional swing are among many reasons that cause bloating. As it feels uncomfortable, Seated Forward Bend will relax your whole body, benefit your digestive system and reduce bloating.

Seated forward bend 800x533

Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out. Slowly bend forwards and lower your torso to the floor. Keep your back as straight as you can, but bear in mind not to over-stretch yourself.

        4. Upward Facing Dog

Your belly might be storing much gas, but if you stretch the stomach, it will aid to your digestion. You will also gain a sense of balance through practice Upward Facing Dog.

Forward Facing Dog 800x533

Lie on your stomach and place the tops of your feet on the floor. With your hands beside your ribcage, gently press your weight into your hands and lift your torso off the mat. Squeeze your tummy to your spine.

        5. Downward Facing Dog

This inverted pose give your spine the stretch it is long for. As the pose both stimulates digestion and relieves stress, it will help you rejuvenate the whole body.

Downward Facing Dog 800x533

Distance your feet apart with your arms at the sides. Keep your back straight, then bend forward and place your palm on the floor with fingers spread apart. Lift your hips up and press the chest toward your thigh. Depending on your flexibility, you can press your heels to the floor.

Free yourself from the unfavourable effects of gas and bloating! Don’t be afraid as they are proven safe and effective. See more of what Yoga has to offer. You can also get back to your ideal body figure with the post yoga poses for you.




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