A Conversation with Yoga Expert Copper Crow

Yoga instructor Copper Crow has been practicing yoga since he was just four years old. In 2003, Crow left his job as a training specialist in a fortune 500 financial company to fully dedicate his life to yoga. As part of Pure Yoga’s senior teaching faculty, Copper has been and continues to be an influence in the yoga community throughout Asia. We chat with Copper about his love for yoga and how it has grown in the recent years. Find out more about Copper here.

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Photo Credit: Eric Yip, www.FotographEY.com

Can you begin by telling us how you first got interested in yoga and how has it been rewarding till today?

My love affair is a two parter. I was introduced to yoga in 1981, when I was 4, by my father & martial art teachers. I practiced steadily till 1994, when I was 16, I took a break to explore other paths after my father’s death. To use a Star Wars reference, this is when I succumbed to the dark side. I returned to practice in 2001, but it wasn’t till 2003 that I ventured to leave my corporate job to pursue teaching. And the rest is history. I’ve been traveling Asia and sharing yoga full time ever since.

How has Pure Yoga grown in Singapore over the last 10 years?

Pure Yoga has had great success all over. It’s really come a long way from a boutique studio in Hong Kong Central to an internationally recognized lifestyle brand. I started with Pure in Hong Kong in 2006 and shifted to Singapore in 2008. Singapore has grown to two beautiful yoga studios, serving thousands of students and offering almost a 1000 classes a month, over 300 classes a week. Beyond just classes, Pure Singapore has grown in reputation to be seen as the studio for serious yoga practice. Though we’ve grown a lot in Singapore, you haven’t seen nothing yet. The next few years are going to be radical!

We are seeing more men taking yoga classes now. Share with us your thoughts on the perception that Yoga is for women and how this trend is changing.

Historically, yoga has been exclusively men. So the trend that more men are practicing, that trend depends on how you look at it. Yes, there are more men now than 10 years ago as ideas on health and wellness shift, but this is still nothing compared to the historical presence of the yoga tradition.

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Photo Credit: Eric Yip, www.FotographEY.com

Yoga combines body, breathing, mind and spirit. How can practitioners improve each of those four areas through their practice? Does Pure Yoga offer any classes that allow progression in one’s practice?

Pure is primarily a Hatha based yoga school. This discipline focuses on unifying the body, mind, heart. How we do that will vary from class to class & teacher to teacher, but the goal is always the same.

What is your vision of the future of yoga? 

Yoga isn’t a trend. It’s grown a lot in the last 20 years, but there is still so much more to what it can offer and where it can go. We’re seeing this in the business world with the growing interest in mindfulness.

Photo Credit: Eric Yip, www.FotographEY.com

An advice for someone who have never tried yoga

Advice for someone who’s never tried yoga – try yoga! Regardless what style of yoga you try. Keep three things in mind:

  1. Breathe. Best with the nose to stay calm and peaceful
  2. Focus on alignment. Learn how to do the pose correctly to get all the benefits and avoid injury.
  3. Listen. Listen to the teacher and listen to your body. Ease into each pose and hold the position when you begin to feel the resistance. Avoid trying to go deeper right away. Just feel your body in the pose.




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