Quick Effective Recovery from Injury & Sickness with Integrative Medical Approach

Speed up your recovery from injury or illness with three quick and effective integrative medical approach tips from Ed Dailey.

The mainstream approach to recovery from injuries and illness is by using western medicine to address physical symptoms. However, there are many factors involved when managing the body’s recovery process. In fact, when recovery is approached in a holistic manner, it can become a faster process.

One person who has first hand experience with an integrative medical approach to health care is Ed Dailey. An experienced healthcare professional, Dailey has a broad nursing background in surgical care, oncology and psychiatry with many years of delivering healthcare, home care and integrative medicine. Dailey is a graduate and faculty member of the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program, that was inspired by fashion designer Donna Karan and designed by Yoga Shanti instructors Rodney and Colleen Yee. Since 2011, Ed Dailey has been a public educator with Young Living Essential Oils; this interview was made possible by the Singapore office.

In our video, Dailey gives three easy and effective integrative medical tips that help in supporting the mind and body through the recovery period

Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program



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