Quickly Escape Stress without Leaving Your Home

There is no need to travel out of Singapore to escape from stress—stay at home and de-stress without turning on the television or computer. You simply just need to return to childhood.

A mass of bodies shuffling along, jostling to get into the MRT train. You put your earphones on and lose yourself in some music or a drama series as the train speeds along. You would like to escape from your daily routine but it is not possible to take off as and when you want.

There is a way to quickly and temporarily escape—turn your focus inwards. What do you find? Happy childhood memories and magical moments filled with simplicity and joy. Recreate some of these moments and have your quick escape in your own home.

One way to escape from the frenzy of life, which in my opinion is one of the best ways, is to create a sanctuary you can retreat to. Choose a corner in your room for this purpose. Fill with soft cushions and pillows, so that you can sink into it whenever you need. It is the perfect spot to read, write, and have a cup of hot chocolate made using raw cacao powder. Lay back and feel a sense of calm and quiet happiness wash over you.

Do you remember blowing and chasing after soap bubbles? Our little arms reaching up, and our little legs jumping as high as we could to touch the sky that seemed so high. Then we would burst out in laughter and smiles as the bubbles burst and showered us with soapy droplets. This is a simple joy that we can have even though we are all grown up now. Just grab a bubble bottle from a toy shop, and start blowing your stress away!

Kick aside your heels, and let loose—it is time to play dress up. Look into your wardrobe, and you will probably find some pieces that have been tucked away because they cannot be worn daily. It could be a fancy cocktail dress or gown, perhaps it is a tiara that was bought for a costume party, or even a wig that came with a previous costume for Halloween. Dress up, then jump on your bed or prance around your room. Whatever it is, let loose. For the cheeky ones who wish to have the all-natural experience, opt for your birthday suit and let it all hang free, just like you did when you were a toddler!

We always think of escape as physically shifting to a new place. Yet, there is already a precious place in our heart that we can escape to. All we need is some imagination, and we can relive the innocence and pleasure of our childhood moments.



About Clive Sin

Clive Sin struggles between ideals and guidelines. Gibberish and rhythm. Passion and control. Clive Sin is an ever-evolving identity forged from the tensions between authority and chaos. He is currently a media undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University, seeking to master the art of manipulating sound, light and words to generate meaningful and purposeful content. Clive has also been a volunteer at the Singapore Red Cross Youth for more than eight years. Besides sharing humanitarian law with secondary school cadets, his love for humanity is shown whenever he smiles and greets the coffee shop auntie who serves him fruit juice in the morning. Full Profile

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