Recipe: Sleep Better with Banana Water

Sleep better naturally with homemade banana water using organic bananas.

My previous article explains how banana water helps to bring on better sleep. Here is the recipe for you to make it at home.



Organic bananas
1 pot of spring, filtered, or purified water (blessed with love and gratitude, before and after the preparation ritual)
Cinnamon, dash (optional)


  • Lightly wash the bananas with the peel intact
  • Cut off the top and the bottom of the banana, or you can use only the banana peel.
  • Place the bananas with peel or banana peels in the pot of water. Boil for 10-minutes.
  • Cover the pot with a lid and let everything soak for another 10-minutes.
  • Strain the water out into a jug.
  • Add cinnamon if desired, and your choice of sweetener such as honey.
  • Drink it one hour before bed time.

Banana water


It’s very important to bless the water before you use it. A blessing could simply be focusing on the water by holding a mental image of it in your mind, then silently say a prayer or mantra of gratitude and love. An example would be: ‘Thank you for providing the nourishment that my body needs for a good night’s rest, and for allowing me to love my body with this water.’

Use only 100% organic bananas as non-organic bananas are loaded with harmful pesticides. Bananas, and all food that you eat, must be chemical-free to do you any good.

Opt for bananas that are firm in your hands. Remove them from the plastic bag and allow them to ripen at room temperature. Do remember to remove the sticker from the peel and cut away the part where the sticker was to avoid any chemicals from the adhesive of the sticker.

After you’ve strained the water out, don’t toss away the banana peels. Keep them in the refrigerator and the day after, juice the peel or blend with other sweet fruits and eat this for an added boost in nutrients, fibres, and antioxidants.

With regards to cinnamon, it adds a pleasant tinge of flavour to the banana water and eases the digestion process. Cinnamon also balances our blood sugar levels to ensure optimal rest for the night and energy for the next day.



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