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We are all guilty of late night cravings, whether it is for a bag of salted chips, or a good bar of chocolate. And don’t lie, we all know it was a fib when you said you were too busy to hit the gym. Ecorganics now offers a new way to look and feel good- The Power Tree Spa treatment that consists of a miraculous wooden tool made from high quality Japanese cypress, to sculpt and contour that binge eating, into your desired Victoria Secret Angel body. No chemicals, no machines; just purely organic, making the best out of Mother Nature. Sounds too good to be true? I was skeptical as well — until I saw the end results.


As women, we tend to suffer from water retention during our periods, causing a bloated belly that isn’t the most comfortable feeling or a pleasant sight to see. Even if you are lucky enough to have never experienced a bulging tummy, it is nearly impossible to escape from cellulite, stretch marks, or even flabby arms.

I have heard of many unpleasant stories about slimming centres that provide horrible and painful weightloss services, and even so, there were no visible results to speak of. Likewise, if you were to search for images of ‘gua sha’ on Google, you’ll understand why I’ve always kept myself away from any slimming centres that claim “the more painful it is, the better the results will be.”

Ecorganics with Award

When I first entered Ecorganics which is located on the second level between a row of shophouses along Upper Thomson Ridge, I was warmly greeted by their lady-in-charge, Crystalz. She was very patient in explaining the procedures of the treatment for me, which consists of a welcome drink, a consultation, the massage, and a finishing organic refreshment.

I decided to give my arms and waist a little TLC (tender, loving, care) that day, and was lead to a private room to change out. The ambience of the entire salon was very peaceful and relaxing, and I was also pleased to find out that their hygiene standards were top notch. The thing about Ecorganics is that they believe in offering natural and organic products for their customers, and so, there’s no need to worry about the kind of chemicals that are being used and applied onto the skin. Just sit back, relax, and let the professionals do the work.

We began the treatment for the left side of my waist, and as a person with pretty low pain threshold, I was surprised to find out that discomfort was kept to a minimal during the entire treatment process. It basically feels like a strong but relaxing massage.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 9.52.39 am

The Japanese strokes used during the treatment range from light to medium pressure, with the Powertree tool shaped uniquely for the therapist to be able to target different parts of your body with just one tool. The treatment helps to circulate blood flow and boost the detoxifcation process in your body, resulting in a slimmer figure. And boy, were there immediate results after 30mins!

edited auto

On the right side of the photo, one can tell that my waist has become slightly more defined and shapely, as compared to the other side. It is also seemingly more ‘caved in’ and toned up due to the stroking techniques. As a person with a small physique from the start, results made in this first treatment were not obvious, but an eagle eye would be able to tell. For constant and enhanced results, it is vital to keep up with the treatments, which I found very reasonable and usual for most slimming therapies anyway.

Moving on to my arms, the treatment was just as comfortable and effective. Here are the results:


Similarly, on the right side of the photo, one can tell that my arm looks less swollen and toned as compared to the other. This is because the Powertree tool helps to alleviate water retention and bloatedness, giving off a slimming effect.

After the entire treatment process, I felt more relaxed and was of course, happier from the results. I was told that it is usual for increased toilet trips and to break more wind due to the detoxification process my body is going through. My only gripe about the entire experience was that my waist and arms felt a little greasy after the treatment due to the gel and oils used, but that wasn’t much of a problem as towels were provided.

Following my experience with the Ecorganics Powertree Spa treatment, I learnt that many people have the misconception that the more painful your massage is, the better the results will be. Not true. Who said you have to suffer and tolerate pain for the price of beauty? I didn’t have to.

Make your appointment with Ecorganics now, to enjoy and witness visible results just like I did. Be quick, because Christmas and the new year is just round the corner — no more worries about having the extra calories from all the snacking this holiday season. Time to look and feel good!

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Usual Price:
Powertree 30mins Targeted Body Sculpting – $78.
Powertree 75mins Full Body Sculpting – $188

Address: 1A Thomson Ridge, Singapore 574633
Contact: 6556 4787
Visit their website for more details.





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