Say Goodbye to Jet Lag (and Other Travel Woes) with Chinese Herbs

Not every body is designed for travel. Jet lag, motion sickness, and stomach troubles are just some of the things that can happen when travelling by land, sea or air. Some might view Chinese herbs as the embodiment of an effective traditional medicinal solution to travel related woes. The reality is that the herbs are work by strengthening and giving support to the body, so that the intensity from travel is somewhat.

Whether it is jet lag, motion sickness, or stomach troubles, these travel related effects are sometimes made worse by a weak internal balance. This could be a result of weak kidneys, an overworked digestive system, or even a malnourished pineal gland. A body system that is not in balance is more susceptible to falling ill, especially when long distance travel is involved.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the idea is to support and nourish the body so that it remains equipped to deal with unexpected stress. In this case, the stress of travelling long hours or between time zones. There is some stock in the term ‘nourishing soups’—some common Chinese herbs that are used for boiling soups do much to nourish the body and give it the needed support to stay healthy during travels. We look at four of them.


If you are looking for quick relieve of illnesses that you have picked up from your travels, this fungus comes highly recommended. Respiratory issues, irregular heart rate, high cholesterol, dizziness and many other ailments can easily be addressed by cordyceps.

Lingzhi. Photo Cr: See-Ming Lee.
Lingzhi. Photograph by See-Ming Lee.


It is not the sexiest plant around, but Lingzhi has gained recognition for its effectiveness in supporting the body. Not only does the herb strengthen the digestive system and restore bodily functions to normal, Lingzhi also contains anti-ageing, anti-allergy and blood vessel cleansing properties. If you thought that was it, Lingzhi also stabilises brain activity, ensuring a good night’s sleep—the perfect solution travels to different time zones.


With a 2000-year-old record in the books of Chinese medicine, this mushroom has shown its effectiveness with its ability to suppress or even eradicate tumours. In the context of travel, however, the mushroom does its part to stabilise calming the spirit. Yunzhi, much like Lingzhi, also replenishes energy levels and addresses the digestive system as a whole.

Ginseng. Photograph by Forest Farming.


Commonly found in soups and medicine, ginseng is your staple herb for motion sickness. Whether it is long car rides or flights, this herb packs a punch in dealing with nausea, exhaustion and a weak immune system. If that is not enough to persuade you to grab your ginseng today, the ingredient has also been known to prevent cancer. With ginseng as a common ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine, you can find the herb’s presence in pills, oils and many supplements from your local pharmacy.
The great thing about these herbs is their versatility in naturally supporting the body. When your body has the balance it requires, it will benefit your travels in more ways than one.




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