Sleep Workout is the Trend Now, Experience it too!

Are you one of the 40% Singaporeans who are sleep-deprived? Then Sleep Workout is for You!

Local gyms offer a variety of workout and physical fitness activities to burn calories, however, the latest trend now is the Sleep Workout or Napercise. Yes, this program enables you to burn odd calories while you’re snoozing off to dreamland.

You probably started reading this since you want to burn calories and sleep at the same time. Does it mean you lack sleep this week? Well, that is understandable. In fact, Singapore, including Japan, is rated as one of the most sleep-deprived countries out of 100 surveyed countries. According to the 2016 data, Singapore and Japan ranks 1st with an average of 7 hours and 24 minutes of sleep in contrast to the 8 hours and 12 minutes of average sleep at Netherlands.

Reason and effects of being sleep-deprived

Researchers believe that it is due to many factors: social pressure and overworking, including the regular habit of smoking, addiction to electronic devices, and drinking coffee before sleeping. Generally, less sleep could contribute to the productivity of a person. This includes reduced cognitive ability, irritability, depression, and problem retaining information. Moreover, it also critically affects health, being exposed to the risk of developing diabetes, gaining weight, cardiovascular problem, and hypertension. Also, triggering you to eat more as you became more hungry than usual.

As it is an alarming crisis, especially in the Asian countries, gyms now offer a different kind of fitness activity for all. But how is napping exactly related to burning calories?

What is sleep workout?

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Sleep workout or Napercise is a gym class that requires you to sleep. This is directly focused on workaholics who are tired, fatigued, and needed enough rest. As it popularized in UK, the David Lloyd Club allows their members to have a good 45-minute nap on single beds. The class composed of 15 minutes stretching and 45 minutes napping, offering comfy beds, eye mask, atmospheric sounds, and an ideal temperature to sleep. Surprisingly, odd calories are burned in the process while reinvigorating your mind and keeping you in a good mood. Unfortunately, this is only available in UK. Fret not in Singapore there is something similar offered by Virgin Active.

Virgin Active Sleep Pods

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Known for their world-class equipment and satisfactory customer service, they offer the latest technology when it comes to relaxation. Though they require you to register in their monthly membership to use their services, having these relaxation and recovery spaces are all worth it. Members can fully experience their Sleep Pods.

Claiming to integrate zero-gravity technology in their Sleep Pods, Virgin Active allows you to relax and unwind especially with the hectic workload in offices. This is by promoting blood flow and reducing any pressure found mostly in the neck and back part. Not to mention, their ambient sounds and subtle vibration lets you experience a luxurious nap for an overall wellness and relief.

Benefits of Napping

A good nap, especially during midday, plays a significant role in your overall physical and mental health. Instantly, napping reenergizes you, making you more active mentally and physically. But, if this is practiced regularly, you can reap its long-term effects. When you have a good night’s sleep, you tend to the have the energy to exercise and gain mental clarity on eating healthy foods. Thus, having enough sleep poses great effects to your everyday life.

The relation of napping to burning calories

As mentioned, it may not seem scientifically possible to burn a lot of calories when sleeping. However, look at the long term effects. Remember that our everyday routine and decisions are like a chain reaction to our future self. Sleeping less than a good 8 hours a day has a lot of undesirable effects, and worst can lead to death. However, with the latest technology, there’s no excuse not to take naps during midday to avoid these sleep-deprivation effects.

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