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Interview with Vickum: the Beauty of Santani

Peacefully laid at the heart of Kandy, Sri Lanka, Santani unravels an ultimate experience from the breathtaking view to the rejuvenating activities they offer. But what is the real secret on the success of the first unique wellness resort? Read on as we fascinate ourselves to the beauty of nature and …

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4 Wonderful Benefits of Yoga Retreat

It’s not bad to treat yourself once in awhile. Attending a yoga retreat is a perfect activity to break the monotony of your daily routine. Escape and fill yourself with positive vibes for healthier mind and spirit. But if you are still unsure of yourself, read on as we tell …

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8 Amazing Retreats For A New Lease On Life

In this fast paced life that we lead, there is hardly any time to slow down, breathe and reconnect with our inner selves. Before we feel burnt out, go on a retreat, be amongst nature and once again feel your heart slow down. Begin to take deeper breaths away from …

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