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5 Things that Make a Good Quality Yoga Mat in Singapore

It is the details in a yoga mat that help Singapore yogis take their yoga practice to the next level. One of the most important things for yoga practice in Singapore—and anywhere else in the world—is the yoga mat. A good quality yoga mat is the first step towards a …

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Yogi’s Specials: Things You MUST Bring On Your Holiday Trip

The Traveller Mat Designed for the active yogi, who likes to travel wherever with a mat in hand. In this series, The Traveller features sea, and sky scapes for nature lovers, or anyone who can’t get enough of the sun, sand and sea. Brilliant prints with the option of customisation – …

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8 Places to Get Your Yoga Accessories

Going for your first yoga class? What do you bring to a yoga class? Well, to start off, you definitely need pretty yoga apparel. Nothing like comfortable, beautiful yoga wear to really get you excited and ready for your yoga class! What about that non-slip yoga mat, perhaps a yoga …

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