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Natural Wear: Eco Fashionable Picks for Your Wardrobe

Clothes are essentially a second layer of skin to us. With extreme climate changes running a muck on our planet in the past decade or so, certain aspects of nature preservation have been severely overlooked — clothing being an example. If you’re keen on saving “Mother Earth”, here are a …

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8 Places to Get Your Yoga Accessories

Going for your first yoga class? What do you bring to a yoga class? Well, to start off, you definitely need pretty yoga apparel. Nothing like comfortable, beautiful yoga wear to really get you excited and ready for your yoga class! What about that non-slip yoga mat, perhaps a yoga …

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Yogi’s Review: Vivre Active Wear

By Guest Contributor, Angeline It is not easy to find affordable yoga wear in Singapore. Most of the yoga apparels out there are at skyrocketed price. For a college student like me, it is not possible nor necessary to purchase new yoga wear on a regular basis due to the …

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