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Search ‘tarot’ on Google, and you’ll find yourself in an endless list of free online tarot readings. Are they really reliable? Can they tell your future? We’re not sure, but one thing we do know, is that Sharan Kaur can. Read on to find out how she does it, and why she came about reading these mystical cards.

1. What made you want to pursue being a professional tarot card reader?

There was no intention to become a professional tarot card reader actually. It came along by accident. I bought my first deck of cards simply because I thought the images were very pretty. I had a friend who was a Tibetan Rinpoche who started encouraging me as he felt I had a gift. It has also been a life-long dream of mine to be a counsellor to help people. When I discovered the effect my readings had on people I decided in one way or another, I was helping people with their life decisions and assisting them to overcome personal issues and challenges. This felt very fulfilling so one thing led to another, and I started to get recommendations by word of mouth. I have never advertised as I feel Tarot readings are very personal and only someone who has had a reading can share their personal experience with someone else, to help them decide if a reading is in order for their life path.


2. Tell us about yourself, what are your hobbies, interests, hidden talents?

At the moment, I am a trailing spouse in the UK. Am originally from Singapore, and I held a full time job with a leading expatriate publication when I was there. At the moment, I occupy myself with writing articles on Tarot and Numerology. I have a keen interest on these topics and have continue to expand my knowledge on how cards we pick and numbers we are surrounded by in our lives are no coincidence! I am also a yoga enthusiast and enjoy cooking as a way of meditation!

3. What sort of services do you preform for clients?

I mostly do personal consultations. Clients will approach me for a reading if they are faced with a dilemma, some life issues or just to have a general idea on what to expect for the year ahead. The consultations are mostly conducted via Skype and clients will receive a recording of it as well. If a client has specific questions, we can zoom down to that as well instead of having a full hour’s reading. I also do quick readings at events. But it’s the personal readings I enjoy most. As they are most fulfilling.

24 Aug 2005, Wiesbaden, Hesse, Germany --- A card of the Rider-Waite tarot deck symbolizing the lovers. --- Image by © Heiko Wolfraum/dpa/Corbis

4. How did you learn to read tarot cards? How did you discover you had this particular ability?

As mentioned earlier, it came along by accident with me taking an interest in the artwork on the cards. I had a very spiritual friend who was a Rinpoche. He had told me I had some strong spiritual guidance from a Tibetan Goddess. I obviously brushed this off as I was only 23 then. But he was adamant and got me to do a 3 card reading for his followers as practice. And everyone was rather impressed with the accuracy. This encouraged me and I was also enjoying doing these readings. I then decided to study the deck in much more detail and tried to understand the meaning of each card. I also attended a couple of courses to learn the art of laying the cards and how it all linked up to tell a story of the querent’s life. It was very interesting for me. So as I did more readings for fun and was being told I was extremely accurate, I decided to begin reading professionally.

5. How can tarot cards give a person guidance and advice?

I usually take a person’s date of birth prior to the reading. Their date of birth is also used when laying out the cards. So it gives me a sense of the direction their lives are heading in for the year and further. The cards tell a story about their past, present and future. It gives them an understanding of why they are in the situation they are in and if there are any lessons that need to be learnt and have been learnt. It will also give them an idea of what to expect with each course of action. Ultimately, I always emphasise that they are still creators of their own destinies and in no way should they feel bound by whatever is shared with them in the reading. They have the freewill to change their path if they wish so.

6. How can people reach you if they need to contact you?

The best would be to contact me via my website or just drop me an email on sharan@tarotbysharan.com.



About Sharan Kaur

Sharan Kaur Originally from Singapore but now based in the UK., Sharan has been empowering the lives of many people with her tarot readings since 2001. Sharan took an interest to tarot in her early twenties and was initiated into reading them by a Tibetan Rinpoche, who helped to guide her with strengthening her intuition. So what started off as hobby turned into something professional after years of practice and encouragement from her clients.

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