How to Use Technology to Enhance Your Yoga Classes

With technology advancing in so many directions these days becoming more and more prominent in people & everyday lives, it’s important that as a yoga instructor you can keep up with the times.

I want to introduce you to some concepts and ideas that have helped to enhance my yoga classes so you can use them to entice more students to join your studio and improve student experience overall.

Email Marketing and List Building

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Email marketing isn’t new to the world of technology; however, it has been growing in efficiency and effectiveness since its birth. Statistics show that reaching your customers and prospects via email still produces the most direct response and results even when compared to social media.

When I started to use email marketing, I noticed there was a gradual yet noticeable increase in students attending classes. I also saw students were more engaged and prepared for sessions since my emails contained useful information on what was coming up in future classes. Students often approach me and tell me how they love my emails and that they help keep them engaged with their yoga practice outside the studio too.

For those who don’t know what email marketing or list building is and how it’s relevant, it involves building a newsletter email list of all students and potential students interested in your yoga practice.

You’ll collect email and contact data via web forms or imports into a service called an autoresponder. Autoresponders make it possible for mass email broadcasting to happen so you don’t have to spend hours sending and personalizing emails to each student or potential student you have.

These services also help your emails get into people’ inboxes instead of hitting the spam folder each time. For deliverability purposes, it’s a good idea to set up the email address you send emails from within your autoresponder service as a part of your domain name.

Some of the most popular email marketing services that are proven to drive results are:

  • AWeber
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • iContact
  • VerticalResponse

All of the above services offer plans that are either free with usage restrictions, or for full operation and functionality, you can pay a small monthly fee.

Protecting Student Information

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When using email marketing as a means to contact and enhance your relationship with your students, it’s important to remember you’re dealing with people’ contact information. Working online can be dangerous, as hackers are always on the lookout for careless internet users who haven’t taken precautions to protect their activity.

Through the use of a Virtual Private Network, you can stop hackers from gaining access to your autoresponder, which will make it nearly impossible for them to steal your clients’ and potential students’ contact details.

To feel comfortable and truly creative, it helps to eradicate all security concerns by making a space where you can use your imagination without boundaries.

Technological Yoga Mats

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Now that we’ve explored using tech outside of the studio, let’s look at some hands-on equipment that can enhance your yoga classes.

Everyone who practices yoga needs a mat. While a basic one will suffice, yoga mats such as the SmartMat have caught the attention of many instructors and students alike, as the concept and practicality of them are quite intriguing. These mats can measure your balance and weight distribution through sensors built into the mat, which then records your data and gives you actionable advice and feedback on your performance.

The SmartMat works via 21,000 sensors running throughout the mat itself while connected to a tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth. The SmartMat app records all data and then gives you useful feedback on the poses you’ve been practicing, helping you to improve your performance for next time.

As an instructor, it’s obviously important you maintain a high level of skill and abilities. Through using a SmartMat at home, you can practice your yoga routines and make adjustments and improvements that will help you increase the quality of yoga you share with your students.

The SmartMat has three modes depending on how you’d like to practice. You can use the in-home private mode, which will give you audio and visual cues as to how you can improve what you’re doing in real-time. Then there’s in-class assist, which will require you to use Bluetooth headphones.

Lastly, Zen mode will record all your movements and data but leave you in peace until you’ve completed the session. Then you can look back over the session results and see where you could make improvements. Knowing your weaknesses as an instructor from the results the SmartMat gives you will help you introduce a higher grade of yoga to your classes. To enhance your yoga, click to find out more.




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