Which SOULSCAPE Workshop Are You?

You’ve probably heard about our annual Mindful and Movement Festival SOULSCAPE by now and how there’s more than 20 workshops for you to choose from on the day itself. But what are these workshops about? What kind of movements do they involve? Which workshop(s) should I do? Not to worry, in this SOULSCAPE exclusive, we’ll tell you what each workshop entails!  

Yoga Workshops

You can be sure SOULSCAPE will feature a variety of yoga workshops with leading presenters from local and international arenas such as USA, Bali and Columbia leading the way. Check-out some of the cool workshops we have lined-up for your enjoyment and movement.

Workshop: Soulfire Flow

Tribal Leader: Cristi Christensen

Level: All


A former elite-level gymnast and platform diver, Cristi trained with the US Olympic diving team as an young adult. After an injury cut her Olympic dreams short, Cristi shifted her focus to helping others improve their level of fitness through personal training, Pilates, Core Fusion, and yoga. Cristi combines her teaching, practice, and bright energy into a dynamic and unique classroom style that translates into an infectious energy that her students can’t help but feel during each class. Come to this workshop and be prepared to sweat as you enjoy the perfect blend of meditation, vinyasa yoga and dance! Read intheLoop’s chat with Cristi ahead of SOULSCAPE here!

Workshop: Backbends

Tribal Leader: Manoj Deshwal

Level: Intermediate 

Backbends are an essential part of a yoga practice. it relieves anxiety, stress, insomnia and restlessness. Regular practice of backbends increases mobility while strengthening the supporting muscles around the skeleton and reduces your chances of injury. This free class at the community pavilion led by the acclaimed Manoj Deshwal will be structured around the Anusara yoga Universal Principles of Alignment to bring you a deeper understanding of your shoulders, upper back and neck and also on how to create more space in the lower back too.

Workshop: Inversions 

Tribal Leader: Saumik Bera

Level: Intermediate, Advanced


In this inversion series, you will get an in depth of how to perform some of the challenging postures in the likes of handstand, headstand and forearmstand.  Turning upside down is an invitation to release your fears, sharpen the mind and ROCK the body. In this workshop we will safely explore the art and joy of being upside down by engaging on the right alignment, strengthening the core abdominal region and other useful tips! Catch the founder of Real Yoga’s Saumik Bera lead an exciting and unique class at the Warrior Pavillion exclusively at SOULSCAPE!  Click here to learn more about Saumik and his classes. 

Workshop: Dynamic Split

Tribal Leader: Saumik Bera

Level: Intermediate, Advanced


SOULSCAPE is bringing a signature class by Real Yoga founder Saumik Bera, this workshop entails the fundamental of our joints movement on our hips region which allows us to move from one posture to another smoothly – rotation from the pelvic to move forward, sideways and back bend as well as the ability to transit from half to full split – one of the many poses favourited by all.

WorkshopKalari Yoga

Tribal Leader: Amanda Koh

Level: All


Kalari Yoga is rhythmic yoga flow that pulsates with the energy of the sacred circle. It is as gentle as it is strong, as calming as it is energizing, and as uplifting as it is grounding. Kalari is the journey of learning, being wholly present, finding groundedness in flight, and tranquility in flow. This Yoga workshop will be set to shamanic sound medicine music by Amani from Desert Dwellers. Founded by Amanda Koh herself, she has vast experience in teaching all levels of Yoga including being the unique opener for Bali Spirit Festival 2015! She says, “Kalari yoga is my response to the rhythms of urban society that sometimes go against the grain of a yogi’s soul. When I am on the mat, I am whole, and I invite all to this experience of energy, love and absolute joy!”

Workshop: Yamuna Body Rolling

Tribal Leader: Paradigm Wellness

Level: All


Tap into the body’s ability to release, lengthen and naturally realign through this 90 minute Yamuna Body Rolling workshop, exclusively at SOULSCAPE. Using specially designed Yamuna balls, this workshop will guide you through a variety of routines that stimulate muscles directly where they connect to bone. By rolling along the full length of your muscles, using breath and gentle compression along the way, the ball will ease your muscles into lengthening and relaxing, creating space in the body for your bones to intuitively realign. Yamuna Body Rolling was developed by yoga guru and health body care pioneer Yamuna Zake and is now practiced in 33 countries around the world and is an excellent compliment to all sports and fitness activities.

WorkshopAcro Yoga

Tribal LeaderMarc Bauchet

Level: Intermediate


 Acro Yoga combines the practice of yoga, acrobatics and dance. The activity builds strength and concentration and makes for a great activity for besties, couples, making new friends. Go on, get on top of each other and connect on a new level. Led by Marc Bauchet who has travelled the world teaching Acro Yoga. Marc will introduce you to the foundation of a safe & fun AcroYoga practice. AcroYoga blends elements of Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai-yoga massage, it takes partner yoga in the air, makes you feel like kids, and gives you a powerful and balanced workout in partnership. Marc Bauchet will also be leading an Acro Yoga session for kids!

Workshop: Yoga & Raga Flow

Tribal Leader: Renuka and Ragha

Level: All

Yoga and Raga

Come and try this unique musical yoga workshop, exclusively at SOULSCAPE! The Music.Love.Yoga duo consists of Raghavendran Rajasekaran (Ragha), a well-established Indian Classical/Jazz musician (Singapore) and Renuka, a yoga instructor and play therapy practitioner (Singapore). We are involved in live music performances, yoga & mindfulness workshops and therapy sessions, both locally and internationally – Murfest 2015 (Malaysia), Uplift Festival 2014 Byron Bay (Australia), BhaktiFest 2014 (United States of America).

Workshop: Taba-Yoga (Free)

Tribal Leader: AlphaBalance


The Concept: Taba-Yoga is a blend of Tabata (high intensity interval training) and yoga. It’s ideal for anyone who finds their mind wandering in traditional yoga as the practice will focus all your mental energy on the movements and asanas plus get your heart rate up and burn calories in the process. Its also perfect for people that time poor as it combines the benefits of  hard cardio and relaxation in one workout. Check out our Taba-Yoga workshop at the community pavilion for free, exclusively at SOULSCAPE! 

Meditation Workshops

Workshop: Sound Meditation

Tribal Leader: Amber Sawyer

Level: All


This is a beautiful active meditation inspired by Osho, which combines an ancient Tibetan technique of humming to create a healing vibration throughout the entire body/mind, followed by gentle hand movements to balance the masculine and feminine energies of our being through visualisations of giving and receiving. When practiced as a group, this technique offers a profound effect of healing, centering, balancing and stillness. Sound is a powerful way to create alignment & presence within the body/mind complex and is a highly effective means to bring one into a deep state of awareness. Led by Amber Sawyer, who has had more than 15 years of practice in Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation, this workshop is suitable for absolute beginners or advanced meditative practitioners.

WorkshopMaster Your Center

Tribal LeaderYana Fry

Level: All


Can you truly be the calmest person in the room, as people around you lose their cool under the pressures of work and stress? How do you maintain emotional zen under deadlines and unexpected change? Yana Fry has spent years guiding students to find peace and calm within and master their emotions for success. With her advice, people are able to tune out the noise and tap their inner power to succeed. During this free interactive talk at the community pavillion, Yana will share different practical techniques you can use to achieve emotional mastery and find that powerful, peaceful place where you do your best work. She’ll also share how you can silence your mind and calm yourself under high-temperature situations so you make the best decisions with grace. Translate the peace and power you feel on the mat to everyday life situations!

Dance Workshops

WorkshopShiva Devi

Tribal LeaderAmber Sawyer & Daniel Rojas

Level: All


An ecstatic dance journey workshop, uniquely co-created and facilitated by Daniel Rojas and Amber Sawyer, exclusively at SOULSCAPE, bringing into harmony the masculine and feminine through meditative dance. In this ceremonial art form, we will gently warm up the body and then fly into an ecstatic dance journey, softly landing into a guided meditation, accompanied by live drums & sacred scents. Daniel brings more than 20 years as a professional dancer, yogi & meditator, and Amber brings more than 15 years experience as a yogi and active meditation facilitator. Together they will inspire us to explore our inner most Self through free movement, consciousness, play, rhythm and spontaneity. No dance experience is necessary – we are simply coming together to find freedom through spontaneous movement & self expression! Check out our conversation with Daniel and Amber here

WorkshopEmbodied Dance

Tribal Leader: Daniel Rojas

Level: All


“Embodied Dance” is a unique workshop created by Daniel “Sonic” Rojas, that combines elements of different dance cultures to inspire freedom & creativity in dancers, as well as non-dancers, to break the boundaries of dance and explore feeling through movement. This class will bring together elements of capoeira, housing, popping, breakdance and contemporary dance techniques, as well as utilise breath, oscillations, mirror work and communication through movement, to gain better understanding of our body and our innate musicality. Through movement with a rhythm, we not only heal ourselves physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as well as develop a connection to the Earth, each other and to the entire Universe. This class is open to all persons, and no dance experience is necessary, only an open mind and a willingness to have fun! 

Workshop: Tahitian Dance Fitness

Tribal LeaderBeatrice Caisson

Level: All


Tahitian Dance Fitness is the only provider in the world of a unique program of Tahitian Dance & Fitness classes, performances & workshops. TDF has been recognised by international & local medias for being a Unique form of Art & Wellness activity in Singapore (Mediacorp, Tedx, SPH, etc). Beatrice Heitiare Caisson was born in Tahiti, French Polynesia. She is passionate about sharing her experience in Dance, Fitness, Health & Wellness to uplift women of all ages towards a better lifestyle. Beatrice has over 8 years experience as an instructor, teaching & giving workshops to kids and ladies of all ages worldwide (Singapore, USA, Indonesia). 

Kids Workshops

Workshop: Kids Yoga 

Tribal Leader: Amanda Ling

Level: Kids 


Let your children stretch away on the sands of Sentosa! Kids Yoga 1 and 2 workshop combines art, story-telling of warriors in the past that connects with the yoga poses to teach the students the different asanas (poses) and the traditional names and stories behind them. They learn basic body anatomy to know which muscles to isolate and body parts to engage in yoga practice. They get to put poses together in a sequence and improvise them, independently. And they also learn non-verbal ways of expressing themselves, and simple meditation and breathing exercises to keep themselves calm, focused and centred. Relax and cool down, and head to the creative art booth to SKETCH and get their expression and experience painted onto the canvas.

Workshop: Aboriginal Painting + Tribal Body Art

Tribal LeaderSyantika Banik


Aboriginal Art has survived for over thousands of years and continues to be one of the oldest art forms practiced today.  Aboriginal Art consists of symbols which were used as a means of communication of their lives on earth, their rituals, food, customs and also to show constellations and for ritual decorations. Led by Syantika Banik, who has been teaching art since 2004 in her own studio in India before coming to Singapore.

Workshop: Live Percussions and Jamming

Tribal Leader: Josh Tan


Allow your children to hit the beach with percussions made with raw materials. Explore sounds, rhythms, pitches with various materials and tools, learning the history of how instruments are made. Through experimenting the tools with gentle and lively guidance by local musicians and couple – Joshua and Amanda. Together they will bring your senses to a whole new level, that celebrates in a group, enjoying the raw beats and soulful music. Feel your energy sparkling with joy after stretch and sketch activities, together with the music against the beautiful sunset.

WorkshopTribal Fashion Runaway

Tribal Leader: Julia Wallace 


Take part in a cool tribal fashion runaway led by Fashion Designer Julia Wallace! Her career has taken her around the world – working with high-end fashion houses in Italy and visiting London Fashion Week and major exhibitions in Paris! For most of the past 20 years, she has worked as a Fashion Designer, creating ranges of clothing for children and ladies and for major international High Street brands like Marks & Spencer.

WorkshopParkour For Kids

Tribal LeaderDerrick Siu


Parkour helps in to develop one’s ability to overcome obstacles (both physical and mental). Tribal leader Derrick Siu (pictured above) was introduced to Parkour by a friend, and was actually able to experience its true value and power, realising it was not about big jumps and stunts often portrayed in the videos, but more about seeing possibilities, challenging one’s own limits, reigniting one’s sense of wonder and learning to master one’s body, mind and spirit.

WorkshopCanvass Painting

Tribal Leader: Canvass Art School


Early engagement with the Arts has strongly shown to have positive impact on kids. These experiences cultivate creativity and boost their learning curve. As such in this SOULSCAPE workshop, exploration should be encouraged. With experienced teachers of Canvass, we observe each child’s sensory and motor skills, gently guiding that creative potential.

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