10 Must-Do Activities at a Beach Yoga Festival in Singapore

Never tried yoga outdoors? Bring your practice to somewhere near the sea and sun, and expect nothing less than incredible amounts of fun!

Not all of us have tried doing yoga outdoors, much less on a beach. Should you find yourself at a beach yoga festival, we have you covered! Here are 10 must-do activities at an outdoor beach yoga festival.


Fly with Acro Yoga

Most yoga festivals include Acro Yoga as a go-to signature. Ideal for couples, besties, and even new friends, the session builds strength and concentration. Daredevils will definitely find this activity a treat!

Dance with Your Inner Rhythm

Expect to get moving on the sand as you dive into the dance workshops. From capoeira to embodied dance, you are guaranteed to get a good cardio workout!

Get Some Ear Worm

No festival is complete without music. Soak up the festive vibes with live DJ sets, cosmic sounds, or even Sacred Song Circle at night. Trust us, you will definitely find your jam for the day!

Go Shavasana

Yogis would be familiar with this pose. Lie down and feel completely relaxed for an entire hour to the lovely sounds of rainbow coloured singing bowls. This 60-minute session is bound to rejuvenate your body, mind, heart, and spirit!

Chill Out, Anytime

One great piece of news: you are allowed to rest at a yoga festival! Lounge around with your friends, or pick out a nice spot on the beach to chill out with Tiki cocktails.

Relieve Body Aches

Apart from yoga, give your body a well-deserved break with the therapy workshops available at the festival. Release tightness in your back and limbs while enjoying the cool sea breeze.

Get Retail Therapy

Look forward to tons of shopping at the festival. Hit the stalls and pick up nutritious food, yoga accessories, and other earth- and people-friendly brands!

Have Your Fortune Read

Get a divine reading, or two, and discover how your life and the cosmic are connected. Then use this knowledge to enrich your life.

Take an Instagram-Worthy Shot

Festivals are super fun, and partly because of the amazing photos! Strike a yoga pose anywhere on the beach with your friends, or let the photographers capture great shots of you.

Wind Down with Sunset Yoga

Every festival will have a highlight event, particularly a mass yoga session against the beautiful backdrop of the setting sun. Flow together with the fellow yogi community as you welcome gratitude into your heart.

Beach yoga festivals are a great time to leave your worries behind and relax your body and mind. So gather your yogi community, and spend a relaxing and rejuvenating day on the beach with the sea breeze caressing your skin.




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