3 Types of Yoga Class You Won’t See in Singapore

There are so many different types of yoga class, workshops and festivals in Singapore, we have them all, right? Apparently not, as there are at least three types that will not make it here.

Yoga is a sacred practice that connects our mind, body and spirit. Going to yoga class and flowing through asana poses is all about being conscious, listening to your own breathing, and guiding you back to the core of self as you move.

Yet, there are various interpretations of what yoga should be like, or what it should include. Here are three types of yoga class that are practiced in other countries, but we doubt will ever find its way to Singapore.

Also known as NOGA, nude yoga is exactly what it sounds—doing a yoga class in the nude. Although it is a room full of bare bodies, nude yoga classes are non-sexual. The philosophy behind this practice is that this was how it was done in ancient times, and it is meant to give you true freedom as you become comfortable in your own skin. Personally, I think that having the genitalia hanging out and probably getting in the way during nude yoga class is far from comfortable. It is probably a class that you would attend only if your body is fit. So unless you wash your clothes on your bare abs, nude yoga class might make you feel a bit paiseh.

You get to scream, stomp, and yell your way into better health in tantrum yoga class. Yes, exactly what you read—throwing a tantrum in yoga class! This actually reminds me of the YouTube video, The Grinch Tries Yoga.

It can be therapeutic to shake, dance, and scream your way into wellness. Just to let go of the frustrations of the day. Sounds like the type of yoga class that most Singaporeans need at the end of the work week!

A combination of yoga and stand up paddle (SUP) surfing, SUP yoga trades your yoga mat for a surf board, and the studio for the sea. If you are bored of traditional yoga classes, you might enjoy the challenge of an unstable surface that requires you to engage your core to keep balance. Despite SUP Yoga sounding extremely novel and adventurous, do not be gungho just yet—it is difficult to find places to do a SUP yoga class, unless you own a massive surf board and live along a large expense of water like a reservoirk. The upside though is that you might also get the chance to be one of Singapore’s natural tourist (or local) attractions.

These are only some of the many adaptations of yoga class. Despite these variant yoga classes being a little daring or controversial, you could still try tantrum yoga in an open space or NOGA in the comfort of your own home. So go ahead and spice up your usual yoga class!



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