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In keeping with an active and healthy lifestyle, there are many mobile phone applications available on various mobile platforms now that work to help you keep track and achieve your fitness goals. intheLoop narrows down 4 mobile applications that you can use as your daily driver in keeping track of your lifestyle, all at the touch of your fingertips via your trusted, handy mobile phone.

1. iDAT

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An app developed by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), iDAT, which stands for interactive Diet and Acitivity Tracker, is a comprehensive app that covers almost every aspect of fitness and health in your life that you would like to monitor – from calories burnt, to monitoring your workout. The app is built on the well-established Endomondo mobile app, so the user interface will be very familiar to Endomondo users. After putting in basic details unique to your weight and fitness status, the app calculates the maximum calories that you should take for the day, and the summary page shows the number of calories burnt and/or consumed during the day, depending on the meals and exercise that you have recorded in the app. The uniqueness of this app is that its has in its Diet Tracker list, meals unique to local food in Singapore. This makes the input of meals for diet monitoring easier for the Singaporean who loves his or her local food.

The app’s Workout portion is a very useful tool to keep track of your activity and calories burnt during the activity. If you are not looking to workout for the day, use the Step Counter to count the number of steps you take throughout the day. The app transforms this into calories burnt for the day, adding it to your summary. A Weight & Goal section shows a summary of you weight and how you are faring in getting to your goal weight. As an app that covers all aspects of diet, activity and monitoring, this an easy app that you can quickly adapt into your life to keep track of your diet and fitness goals.

2. Noom Weight Loss Coach

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A unique feature of Noom’s Weight Loss Coach app is the ability for you to personalize your plan, and receive daily tasks and tips that work to promote a positive mindset for you to keep to your fitness goals. With each day, you get a list of tasks and informational snippets on diet and exercise which gets ticked off as you complete each task or finish reading a snippet of useful information. Simply follow the tasks and you will find yourself logging in your food and exercise intake along the way – its a simple and effective way to keep to your weight loss goals. You can set reminders within the app for that nudge to go for that run or walk, and the app has an exercise portion with GPS to track your fitness activities. A Noom score keeps track of how you are progressing daily, which is a very useful feature in the key component of monitoring and tracking progress in your fitness program. Easy to use and simple, this a great app to get started on that weight loss program on your mobile.

3. Nike+ Training Club

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The Nike+ Training Club is aimed at the female fitness community, however the workouts available on the app are able to be used by anybody who is looking to get on a good training program. It has various workouts ranging from 15 to 45 minute long, with great visual and video demos that make it easy to catch on and keep up with. You have the flexibility to pick and choose individual workouts, or sign up for a program that you can complete in a certain amount of time, such as a 30 day workout program. This app is a boon to have if you are looking to tackle some strength training in the gym and are not sure of how to start things off – pick a workout like the Gym Sculpt Workout to help you with getting started. Its like having a personal fitness trainer on your mobile, and you can share your progress and achievements with friends on social networks just as easily.

4. RunKeeper

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RunKeeper is a great app that works to track your fitness activities such as running, cycling and hiking using GPS. If you are looking for an app that accurately tracks and records your activities, this is one to consider. It also provides detailed plans that you can follow to improve on your activity, such as running for a 5K race. On the ‘Me’ tab, you see a summary of your goals, insights into the fitness activities that you have been doing (at a premium price). You can set a goal, such as losing weight or running the longest distance. Add friends or share your activities on Facebook to keep the words of encouragement going as you work towards your fitness goals. The app links to your mobile phones’ playlist as well, so you can tap into your favourite running playlist while the app records your activity- distance, calories, time – and you can use the app to monitor your progress with physical activity.

5. Calorie Counter – My Fitness Pal

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If all that you require at this point of time is a simple calorie counter to track your diet, My Fitness Pal’s Calorie Counter is a great app to get you started on. Available as a desktop version as well, you can input your food intake and track your calories on your mobile or computer by utilizing the extensive list of food available in its database – it has over 3 million types of food in its database! It is intelligent enough to remember your favourite food, and has the most user-friendly interface for you to add food and entire meals for tracking.

It also has a portion on tracking your fitness activities under Cardiovascular and Strength headings. There is a good database of fitness activities covering both types of exercises, and you can record your activities to get a good overview of what has been done, along with your diet intake and calories consumed, for the day.

Do you have other apps that you enjoy using? Share with us on the comment box below.



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