Five Female Friendly Gyms and Studios for a Stronger and Healthier You in Manila

Without having to worry about your exercise or workout position, the women of Manila can confidently sweat it out with these recommended female friendly gyms.

Probably you are looking for a way to strengthen your body plus lose those excess belly fat in a safe and healthy way. Then going to a gym routinely is the best option. However, as women tend to be shy inside a man-packed gym, it becomes hard for them to work out and be active in achieving their ideal body type. Yes, we understand how it feels, that’s why we are recommending these female-friendly gyms that you should definitely try out in Manila.

Curves 800x567
Curves is now in Manila! Known across Asia for providing an all-women gym, Curves became popular as they are dedicated to supporting the right approach for a stronger and ideal body type to the women. Now, there is no excuse for being fit and healthy. Look for the Curves branch near you and start sweating it out now. Be inspired and read various success stories from Curves, for more updates, like their Facebook page.

Namaste Yoga and Danz Studio

Yoga studio 800x533For women who are in search for inner peace and calmness, try out Yoga tutorials in Namaste Yoga and Danz Studio. Though this is open for everyone, there are specific classes for women such as Belly dancing for kids and adults, Pre-natal belly dancing, and basic stretching. This is the chance to experience a fun and comfortable environment to relax and meditate. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

360 Fitness Club

Female 360

Whether your main goal is to burn unwanted calories for weight loss, build strength, or just to have fun, you should consider 360 Fitness club in your option. Not only do they effective results through the 360 Fitness Ambassadors, but promises a functional fitness that’ll make you productive in your daily lives. What’s more exciting is that it’s female friendly as they provide separate rooms for men and women’s shower rooms, lockers, comfort rooms, and group classes. Learn more from their website and Facebook.

CrossFit MNL (CFMNL)
Cross fit 800x 600
Want to challenge yourself? CrossFit Manila offers a variety of workouts and fitness program with the use of exercises from hardcore sports such as gymnastics, weightlifting, Olympics, and much more. The great news is that women are very much welcome since there are female trainers in CFMNL and a lot of female participants. Interesting enough, CFMNL Eastwood branch offers exercises for mothers before, during and after birth. Learn more from their website and Facebook page.

Blackout Fitness MNL

Blackout 800x599Highly rated by a variety of satisfied customers, Blackout Fitness MNL is also packed with female gym goers. Helping you to reach your ideal body and maximum potential, gym instructors are friendly and approachable enough to assist you throughout your workout routine. Learn more from their Facebook page.

With these top fitness gyms that are female friendly and motivational, you’ll surely reach your ideal body in no time.



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