5 Secrets to Keeping Fit on Staycation in Ho Chi Minh 5 Quick Simple Ways To Stay Fit During Your Ho Chi Minh Staycation

Stay fit & healthy even when you are on a staycation in Ho Chi Minh —we show you how!

Staycations are the perfect way to have a mini vacation without leaving Vietnam, or even Ho Chi Minh! It may be a staycation in Ho Chi Minh, but it is not a reason to ditch fitness and ignore your workout routine over the weekend.

As you are unwinding from the weekday stress, you may find it tempting to give yourself a break and turn it into a cheat day, or two. Personally, I do not do cheat days, but a cheat meal instead. This is because even one cheat day can make it difficult to return back to your regular healthy routine. Nowadays, many hotels in Ho Chi Minh understand that guests would like to keep to their fitness and health routine. So they offer many options for guests to do so during their staycation in Ho Chi Minh. Here are five ways they do so.


Due to the famous hot and sunny weather in Ho Chi Minh, you may find yourself soaking in the coolness of a pool on your staycation. The pools in most hotels may not be Olympic length, but some allows for short swims and definitely offer an amazing view. At Park Hyatt Saigon, the outdoor pool invokes a sense of peace and relaxation under rhe tropical sun.

Attractive Asian woman relaxing in the pool
Attractive Asian woman relaxing in the pool


Staying fit during your staycation in Ho Chi Minh is easy when most hotels have a gym with standard weights and cardio sections. Some also provide personal training sessions by qualified trainers. The New Pacific Hotel and Bay Hotel have top of the line fitness equipment and extremely spacious gym space—this allows you to do your 60-minute cardio session without any interruptions.


If variety is what keeps you going, hotels in Ho Chi Minh also offer a range of other fitness programmes. These include aqua aerobics, Zumba, Pilates, and routes for jogging. Check each hotel’s website for more information.


Yes, it is possible to keep up with your yoga practice, now that many hotels are offering yoga classes. Sofitel Saigon Plaza offers a variety of yoga classes in their health and fitness centre.


During your weekend staycation in Ho Chi Minh, the temptation to indulge in food is real—it is a holiday break, after all! However, you do not want to ruin your staycation with unhealthy food as it will leave you feeling bloated after. Do not worry! Many hotels in Ho Chi Minh have several food options that help you to easily stay on your clean eating plans. Think salads, fresh juices, smoothies, and multigrain sandwiches. Some places that have these healthier options for breakfast—and a buffet breakfast too!—are the Sheraton Hotel Saigon and Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon.

Although a staycation is a good way to have a mini break without breaking the bank, it is no excuse to skip your usual workout or eating habits.




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