5 Skin Care Habits for Clear, Glowing Facial Skin in Jakarta

Quickly get clear, spotless, glowing skin on your face with these simple, effective skin care hacks.

All ladies would like to have fresh and flawless facial skin. In fact, many of us will do anything to have the facial skin blemish free, and looking well hydrated. However, if you still find that your skin feels dry or have the odd acne spot after having applied expensive facial serum, eye cream, and face cream, then it is time to look at your daily skin care habits.

Besides daily hydration to keep skin fresh and looking young, here are eight simple yet effective skin care hacks to add to your daily beauty routine—all of which I do so too myself—for glowing skin in no time!

This first habit may be the most important one that you must remember—clean skin well, and moisturise it immediately after. The first step to cleaning your skin right is in choosing the right cleanser. Begin by knowing what is your skin type—oily, dry or combination—then choose your daily cleanser from there. As a quick guide, a gel cleanser is recommended for dry skin, cleansing milk is for normal to combination skin, and cleansing oil is for dry to sensitive skin.

After cleansing your face of makeup and dirt, you can then proceed to use a daily facial wash with lukewarm water, then use a toner to balance pH levels. Finally, apply moisturiser to your face, using one that is suitable for your skin type—gel moisturiser is for oily skin, cream moisturiser is for dry skin. Do this twice a day to keep your skin clean and hydrated.


With Jakarta traffic and a busy work schedule, I know that it is challenging to get enough sleep at night. Nevertheless, try to get seven to eight hours of sleep every night because the skin will repair itself when we are sleeping; not having enough sleep can result in a sallow, dull complexion, as well as dark circles under the eyes. If you suffer from sleep deprivation on weekdays, avoid late nights on the weekends and keep your sleep cycle—your skin will thank you.

Besides being good for your overall health, adding fruits and vegetables to your daily meals does wonders for your skin. Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins C and E, and antioxidants are some of the nutrients that helps your skin look young and fresh, and these are found within your favourite fruits and vegetables.

Watch your caffeine and sugar consumption—caffeine’s diuretic effect dehydrates the skin while too much sugar can cause premature ageing. If you are a fan of coffee like I am, ensure that you double your water intake whenever you drink coffee.

Besides getting your body moving, exercise encourages the body to sweat, which is one of the ways that the body purges toxins out through the skin. To assist the body in this cleansing, drink more water. Although it is advised to drink up to eight glasses of water per day, I always drink 1.5 litres of water for maximum hydration of my skin.

The last skin care tip is to remain positive—good spirits and a huge smile bring overall health benefits to the body, which in turn shows on your skin. So keep your energy vibration high, and see your skin glow!



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Shahnaz Soehartono believes that taking good care of yourself by eating healthy and exercising regularly is your way of thanking the universe for the life that was given to you. As a host of the Indonesia Morning Show on Net TV, she is racing against time everyday to broadcast the news as soon as possible. She attains balance and peace in life through yoga, and challenges herself through Pilates. She is now a graduate student in IKJ. She loves reading books and her favourite genre is fiction.

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